Samuella survived and we thank God for that🙏. But she still insisted she wanted to see me. She was now back with her parents. I have had several calls from her which I intentionally reject📵.
Then on Sunday, I went to church with Monica because Akosua keeps giving excuses every Sunday. Samuella decided to talk to me there.
I listened to her heartfelt plea:? and I was kinda moved but it didn’t make sense. I didn’t want to ask her questions because I didn’t want her to entertain the idea of having me.
I was only listening while she talked about the many affairs and the complications she had been through. After everything I said ok and left:roll:.
I told Monica the whole story and she kept laughing about it, when I asked why, she said I have become a ‘hotcake’. After I had changed my clothes I decided to go and see Akosua.
I had really missed😌 her although I doubt same for her. The last time she called me she talked about all the fun she had with her friends and how some guys wanted her number and she didn’t give it to them blablablabla. It was boring:(. When I got to her place the gate was not locked and so I entered, knowing that her mum has not yet returned from church yet. When I got to the entrance I could hear voices.
It was Akosua and a certain guy. I assumed he could be a cousin or something until I heard what they were actually saying. Akosua was moaning and saying ‘harder’:oops:, and the guy too was saying nasty stuff:o. I almost laughed. Well if I had used to main entrance I will have missed the show.
I refrained and came home disappointed😓. It was all like a joke to me. Then I got a call, it was Samuella’s mum, and she was begging😰 me to date her daughter because she hasn’t been herself and all she talks about is how she cant do without me. Her mum was literally crying on the phone.
After the call I laid motionless on my bed till night. Then I received the usual message from Akosua, “Gudnyt babe, luv u bunch😘!”


Watch out for episode 11. Its ur man Eddy💫