So yeah that was the dream I had😐. It was so real that I panicked when I woke up😨. I was sure the thoughts hovering in my mind contributed to this dream.
I was all set for work but there was one thing still bothering my mind:(. Should I tell Akosua what I did with Monica? Or should I keep quiet😷 about it and never do that again?
Naturally the second option sounds best, but I feared Akosua may get to know of it someway somehow. Besides, Monica doesn’t even mind telling my sisters that she kissed me:roll:…. She dasnt see anything wrong with that. To lighten up my conscience I sent Akosua a good morning message and left for work.
I am currently working with an upcoming cartoon industry. Initially, I used to write poems that the characters recite during the video but I have currently been given one of the character roles because of my “cartoonic” voice🙈. Work is fun and booming☺, but there is a challenge I am finding difficult to solve:?. It’s about Rosette.
Personally I think she is a prostitute only that she doesn’t take her clients from the streets. Rosette is a very funny lady, true. And also she is the most carnal lady I have ever met….Urrghh! She talks about profane stuff like Ghanaians talk about economy.
One day she boldly told me she is into me, I could have coped with that but then she said she just wants to sleep with me😬. Who says that?? I tried to get her saved, so I prayed🙏 for her at home and talked to her about being serious with her Christian life.
During one of those vis-à-vis talks she stared in my face so hard that we almost kissed. I’m sure y’all know what I mean😶. And truthfully, she is very beautiful👰. I can’t stay away from her because our roles are interrelated. Mama Zimbi, please help me😥!!


Watch out for episode 9. Its ur boy Eddy💫