Sometimes, we consciously enter into sin. I could have stopped myself from kissing Monica but I didn’t😣. There is nothing wrong with kissing, but it becomes a sin when it is done out of lust😚 and not love😘. I was so ashamed of myself when I saw my sisters at the table.
The food was spaghetti and gravy stew with chicken. Monica had her eyes on me the whole time👀. I couldn’t look at my sisters, Diana, or Monica’s mum. I managed to look at Mr Acheampong 👨who also kept winking at me after his wife had whispered something into his ears. After dinner I managed to sneak 🏃out without telling Monica. I slept not long after I got into bed.
Then suddenly I was awakened by a phone call from Mike. He was crying and said that Samuella is dead😱. What? I felt a chill run down my spine. When I ended the call I could hear some noise coming from the living room.
When I got there guess who and who it was? It was Monica and Akosua fighting:oops: OMG!!. They were pulling at each other’s hair and calling out names. Akosua was accusing Monica for being a man-snatcher and Monica was saying she knew me before Akosua was even born😁.
When I rushed to stop the fight my brother held me back. He told me to let them fight it off. I was afraid that sooner or later my parents will come out and see what was going on. I don’t know why Monica will still follow me home, or why Akosua will not even want to talk to me.
I struggled and broke free from my brother, but before I could stop the fight Akosua hit Monica in the head with a bottle:oops:. Monica fell down motionless, and that was when my parents came out. There was blood everywhere😱😰😨. And then Akosua immediately fled off the scene.


Watch out for episode 8. Its ur boy Eddy💫