My friend Prince had died because he was in a wrong relationship. I wasn’t ready to have any one murdered because of me😮. I cant have that on my conscience. If Akosua has been able to hide her real self from me all this while, then I guess I have no idea what she is capable of doing😶.
Now she was absolutely disqualified. I told Monica that Akosua is kidding(I wasn’t sure though😐) and that nothing can happen to her. Then we left together.
When I got home Dora was waiting for me. I had promised to call her but I had forgotten🙈. So I quickly apologized and we started talking. Then she told me there was something she hadn’t told me earlier on:roll:. She had missed her periods for two months😬 and was certain she was pregnant.
I was happy for her. But she was not ready to have the baby because Mike had denied being the father👳.
So we began another lesson on tears and cuddling. I was a little sad anyway. I asked what she plans on doing now, and then she said she wants me to claim to be the father👨 of the child but she will take care of the child. All she wants is a nice youngman pretending to be the father of the child😒. I would have said, “HELL NO😤!” but because of her tears I kept quiet.
After encouraging her and changing the topic I escorted her off. Eeii which kind wahala this😅?

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On my return I met Akosua at the front of their gate, I was not ready to be polite to her anymore. I told her everything I know about her and told her I don’t want to have anything to do with her😠, and that she wouldn’t like me if she tried to involve Monica in all this:evil:. She told me we would see:oops:. Really? Now I was seeing the real Akosua.
She walked off angrily and I was shocked, I think saliva dropped from my open mouth koraa.
As I headed home I saw the world more clearly. Deception is so real. And now I had to make sure nothing happens to Monica. When I was almost home and I looked ahead I saw the perfect man; the one who would surely ease everything for me standing right at our gate👔💼. Oh what joy!


Watch out for episode 18. Its ur man Eddy💫