Do you know that sometimes some facts about you may give a wrong picture of who you really are?
When I was in primary 6 a new girl was transferred from her school to our place. Her name was Apenkro😄. She was quite too grown up for our class and I decided to tease her politely😛. I asked questions like, “Is everyone in your former class your age group😧?” “Has anyone called you Class mother before😯?”. It ended with a slap on my face, wham:twisted:!
When I reported to the headmaster she was asked to tell why she slapped me and all she could say was that I asked so many questions:?.
That was not tangible enough for the headmaster so he had her punished, but I am sure if he had seen my face 😛when I asked the question he would have asked her to slap me again. So her slap betrayed her.
I was in a similar soup but my question was different, it was; “Why did you have an intimate relationship with Samuella knowing very well you don’t want to have anything to do with her?” It was a very awkward time for me😐. And the person asking this question was my Pastor. He asked if all this while this is what I have been doing to the church girls🙊.
Samuella was sitting at the other side sobbing so that she doesn’t get to answer any question😒. I was sweating real bad and I told Pastor its complicated.
He decided to involve my parents in the discussion next week. I wasn’t scared because my parents know about that already:roll:.
Then I told Pastor that Samuella was also in a relationship with my brother at the same time. Then the attention turned from me to her. I felt quiet relieved😅. Even her mother didn’t know this. Pastor told me I can leave now.

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When I came out Monica was waiting for me outside. I guess she thought I had signaled her to wait. When I got near she looked pale. I asked what was wrong only to find out Akosua had threatened to kill her if she doesn’t stay away from me:oops:


Watch our for episode 17. Its ur man Eddy💫