Have you ever played this game before ‘abatey’. It is a football game⚽ where one person stands in the middle and tries to take the ball from the people surrounding him as they pass the ball along and across.
It is a very interesting game but the thing about it is that, before we can start someone must choose to stand in the middle:?. It’s always fun to have a friend who doesn’t mind starting(jonkey🙇).
Well I was looking at my own Philip:mrgreen:. I haven’t seen Philip alone with a girl before😶 and I am damn sure he is gnashing😁😄..aww. I don’t think he would think twice about being the father of Dora’s unborn child.
He was on vacation from Bible school and he looked like he just escaped from a slave camp💀…God forgive me🙈! I really enjoyed laughing at him in my head.
I was glad to see him and so was he. I didn’t have time to waste so after the normal salutations I drove the conversation straight into the topic I desired☺. I told him there was a secret I wanted to share with him. You cant imagine how happy he looked, at last ‘Edwin is sharing his secret with me:D’.
I told him about the whole pregnancy stuff and what I needed from him. And then he kept quiet for a while, looked up as though he was looking at God and then shook his head😷. I knew it was a dead end! Then he said, “when I was returning home I prayed that God will give me a miracle, and I am so sure this is a miracle. Its like virgin Mary giving birth to Jesus”. Those were his words and I was amased at how stupid he was😆. But I thank God for his life anyway. I hope he becomes an associate pastor cause I fear what will happen when he is the head pastor😄. With the whole Dora thing settled I was now ready to listen to what had brought him here.

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He told me he was coming for his laptop. What😣? I had no choice. I went with him to my room and started disconnecting stuff and arranging his laptop for him. When I opened the side to insert the RAM come and see “sonkronsuo”(bedbugs) Kai!!:twisted:


Watch out for episode 19. Its ur man Eddy💫