Have you ever heard something and you wish it were not true? When we were in primary school there was this dullard in my class. One day he was taken to a lower class to answer some questions. You know how some teachers love to disgrace dull students😈. So in the class he was asked ‘what is a billy-goat🐐’? He said it was a type of goat usually not found in Ghana🙊.
When I heard this I was so ashamed for him and I wished it wasn’t true. But that was something to laugh about😂.
This time around it was nothing funny. I was in love with a prostitute, and worst of all I haven’t even ‘touched’ her before.
Akosua had played her cards well but I had to be blunt now. When I got home Monica was a little angry😑 with me cause we never played the game. But she didn’t leave. She stayed for dinner at our place and then she told me she has something to tell me.
So we went to my room to talk. Then she told me she’s into me😷 and that she doesn’t want to spoil the relationship I have with Akosua and so she will be keeping her distance from now on😮.
I didn’t like what I was hearing and asked her why she would want to keep her distance. She told me that every time she sets her eyes on me she wishes I was hers💓. And the thought of she not going to have me worries her a lot😥. I could see tears glistening in her eyes. I also felt tears rolling down my cheeks too.
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I was wondering if loving Akosua was the right thing to do, and I was tempted to say yes to Monica and forget about Akosua. But I didn’t want to make a decision when I’m so emotional. I had also  wanted to tell her about Akosua but that was not her business, it was mine to deal with.
So in tears Monica left, and in tears I remained still.
Then I got a text message. It was Rosette, and it read “Hi Eddy, jux wantd you to no dat you are a very special person and you are very different. I have been thinking about your words today and I want to live right with God. Just that I will do it after we have had sex. Gudnyt.”


It’s your boy Eddy…

Watch out for episode 14. Its ur man Eddy💫