Rosette’s message got me laughing😄. I was laughing while tears rolled down my face. I know that girl will never say something sensible:mrgreen:.
Today was a Saturday and usually Monica will come over for a game or two but she didn’t😣. I tried to put on a cheerful face and go about my normal chores😌. Then in the afternoon I saw her coming to our place☺. I was so happy, then she asked if I can come over to her place.
Ofcourse. When I got there it was a trap. Her father and mother wanted to talk to me but she hadn’t told me that😐. So I sat and waited for what happens next.
Her father told me about how Monica used to talk about me when they were in Madrid and the fact that she was the one who made them return to Ghana🇬🇭, hoping she will get a chance to be with me😵.
Her father told me to play my cards right so they can decide on what to do next. In other words, they wanted me to say a yes✅ or no❎ to Monica so that they can decide whether to stay in Ghana or leave.
Monica was not in the room and I was uncomfortable. I was told to go and think about what I have heard and give a reply soon.
When I came out of the house Akosua was standing infront of the gate waiting for me. I forced a smile and before I could say anything she told me her friend was joking when I came over to her place😒. I looked steadily at her face and asked her why she is trying to deceive me.
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Then she was quiet for a while, I couldn’t wait to hear what she had to say. Then she told me she wants to confess. I was listening👂. She told me that day she and her friends had gotten a little drank and had engaged in some lesbian stuff. She said that was the only thing on her conscience and that she was sorry. I was looking at a liar who thinks she is smart:?.
At that moment I knew I didn’t love her again but there was a problem. 1 Corinthians 13:5 says ‘love keeps no record of evil’. So am I to forgive and forget about all Akosua has done to prove that I really love her?


Watch out for episode 15. Its ur man Eddy💫