Afia stepped into the hall and looked at Sedi for a while before she turned.

“I’m really sorry for barging in on you like that, I’m sorry, it’ll never happen again”.

It’s okay dear, it’s your house”. Afia said with a forced smile. “You wanted to tell me something, what was it?”

“erhmm yes, I wanted to tell you my husband will be home tomorrow, you have no idea how excited I am, I haven’t seen him in three months, I’ve missed him so much….have you ever been married?” She asked Afia, suddenly she got nervous,

“me, no,i…I’ve never been married”.

Sedi looked at her ring finger and saw a mark that showed she had been wearing a ring for sometime but she looked away before Afia noticed she had seen her finger.

“My husband is the most amazing man I’ve ever met, apart from the fact that I see him once in a very long while, he makes me happy in every sense of the word. And trust me, the man is a magician in bed”

Sedi said and giggled. Afia felt her face flush, obviously Sedi was a talker, they were strangers and yet she just didn’t mind talking about anything and everything.

“That’s good to hear, I feel really tired, I need to catch some sleep, I hope you don’t mind”.

Sedi looked at her and smiled, there’s a nightie I put in the wardrobe in your room, you can wear that. Afia nodded and walked away.


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The following day when Afia woke up, Sedi was in the kitchen so she joined her.

“Good morning Sedi, it’s a beautiful day”. Sedi looked at her and smiled .

“yes it is my dear, and it will be a beautiful night, my husband is coming home, whoa, I’m so excited”.

Afia forced a smile. “so what are you cooking?”

“oh, there’s everything you need in the shelf up there for breakfast if you want tea or milo or anything like that, if you want waakye, there’s some on the side of the first junction on your left, I’m just preparing chicken stew so that later in the afternoon, I can prepare some jollof rice for when my baby returns” She giggled again.

Afia smiled and wondered how she was going to live with this lady, she wasn’t much of a talker and too much talk frustrated her.

“let me help you with the cooking,  I’ll prepare my breakfast later in the day, I’m not really a breakfast person”.

They both laughed as they cooked. Afia noticed that though Sedi was childish, she was a very nice person, they talked about a lot of things and it was obvious she had a big heart.

Sedi however noticed that Afia was a very deep person, she wasn’t one to talk about herself, she had definitely been married before but had lied to her about it, she had a secret, everyone did, and yet she was going to try to find out what Afia’s secret was.

They heard the doorbell ring and Sedi rushed to the door leaving Afia in the kitchen. The food was ready, it was a good thing they had finished on time.

She heard them talking and kissing and being all affectionate towards each other, it was definitely a two way street, both of them were crazy about each other.

Afia walked out when she heard Sedi say she wanted to introduce someone to him, she walked towards them with a big smile plastered on her face but when Sedi’s husband turned she froze and staggered.

It was the same man, when he stretched out his hand, she walked backwards as the tears flowed down her cheeks.

That was the man, he had a small wound on his arm, right where she had scratched him, it was him, just four days ago.

She was standing right in front of the man who had raped her, the man who had tattered her clothes and left her dirty and disheveled under that bridge.

He walked closer but she stepped back and blacked out.

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