My name is Edwin. And that is probably the only thing I know to be true about myself:(. I don’t trust my judgment, my principles, self-control, nothing! Over the years my actions have amazed me. Well lets not talk much of my past, permit me to tell you the future I am foreseeing.
I will get into trouble soon, I will be forced to cry, I will act smart, and I will be happy again. These are the only sure things about my future.
Even if you give me GH3000 to buy a new laptop I know it wont happen because the spiritual forces chasing me are too much😄👽, and they come wearing wellington boots. Its either the money will get missing or stolen, or I may forget where I place it. It happens to me all the time.
Just a week ago I met with my former manager who became my friend after we were both fired. She was dating one nice gentleman😎 and he had soon became my friend too. When he got to know about my interest and knowledge in computing he gave me his old laptop as a gift. It was an apple laptop! Mehn!! I was damn happy. He had two new laptops and so giving out this one was not a problem at all. It was when I started using this apple laptop that I realized that the Toshiba I was using all this while was actually a mango:mrgreen: laptop. I sold the RAM in my Toshiba sharp. I also sold the screen too. Selling in bits brings more income than selling the whole, trust me! Now here comes my trouble; I got a call from this gentleman saying that the househelp gave me one of his new laptops and not the old one:oops:🙆. He wanted me to return the new one for the old one. Well I didn’t have a choice but when I saw his old laptop my spirit left me😫:twisted::twisted:! Did I say my Toshiba was a mango? Well then this one was a mangobunu(unripe mango)! You should have seen my face!


Watch out for episode 2. Its ur boy Eddy💫