I know you hate me already but I hate myself more😐! Taking my own life was something I never thought I would do. But I must admit that the whole drink and pain killer mixture tasted great, I never expected that though. After what seemed to be a headache now it was all gone. I hd passd.
Now I could feel a great shaking! I heard my name being called out loud like the sound of thunder! The voice sounded very familiar. Well it was my father’s voice. I was awake and lying in my bed. What😱:oops:!! Well I wasn’t surprised at all. Life has never been fair to me:(. Never gave me what I wanted. As I looked at my dad’s face I was frightened and he looked frightened too😨.
He felt my forehead and asked if I was okay. I think I was perfect but he insisted on taking me to the hospital. When my mother asked why he was shouting my name he told her he was waking me up to accompany him on some business errands. I know he knows exactly what I had done or better still tried to do, but he didn’t want my mum to panic. When we got to the hospital I was declared healthy:oops:. Asem oo.
Later in the evening we returned home to find out I had taken in vitamin tablets instead of pain killers😁😁. No wonder the mixture tasted good. Now my father was a little relieved!
He told my mum what had happened between me and Samuella two nights ago, not mentioning what I had done. So they decided to call Samuella and ask her about it. They were talking loud enough for everyone in the house to hear. So they called me out first, and asked me to sit down. Then they called for Samuella too. When they asked her about what happened between us she said nothing had happened and that I had promised to get her out of the house:oops::oops:…..lyk seriously?? Nutin?. She even said she never left the room that night and that my sister Julia was her witness😨. She told my parents to call my sister Julia and asked her for confirmation. I knew they had come up with a plan.
When my dad called my sister out she looked at me and winked;). Den I knew the end of my world had come!!


Watch out for the final episode. Its ur boy Eddy💥