Jx last yr afta graduatin frm de vars i organizd a party for my colleagues @ a guest haus. I didnt tel my parents cuz dey av dis fear of bad tins happenin at last minutes:?. So i organisd it widout de noledge of anyone in de haus n i had pland a perfect excuse wit wich to leave home. Wen i got to de hall dt very day to tell my mum de excuse i hd prepared, Julia was sittin on  her laps wit her head on her sholda, smilin:). Nw dat is a perfect pic of a disaster. Dt day my mum ceasd my fon n i hd to stay home. She didnt even let me tel her dat i was de one to go fr de refreshmnts n dt i ws d MC too😁. U cn gues wat hapnd. Since den i av nt bin in gud terms wit any of my colleagues. I dnt no hw Julia found out😐.
Tday history was abt to repeat itslf. I was lukin at anada pic of disaster. Bt den my mum askd me y i hadnt weeded de front of our haus😅. It was jx menopaus. She gts angry weneva shes troubled. My sis had scared de crap outta me😁! I went off to weed n den spent de rest of d nyt readin thru long n boring company strategies n policies. Dis was a bad tym to lose my job. I ws very tired, bt i had to do dis for tmors parody. I woke up de nxt day wit a headache.🙇. Wen i chkd d tym i realsd i hd overslpt:oops:😨!
Wen i chkd my fon i hd misd 3 calls frm my boss n der ws a txt askin “wer r u?”.🙆. Nt today!! I quickly got dresd afta an ablution n set off to wrk. Wen i gt to de entrance of my house i met Philip😧. He lukd kinda seriuos so i askd him wasup. Den he askd me y i didnt tel him i was wit Pastor yestday. I told him dt wudnt av changd anytyn since he hd alredi  told de lie. He ws angry wit me n since i was also nt in de mood for any plenty talk i walkd off, ignorin him. Wen i got to wrk i was sweatin profusely. Everywan seemd to be lukin at me wit deir mouths open. I cud see my boss shakin her head in dissappointmnt. It was der i realisd i hadnt even combed my hair😁.


Watch out for episode 8. Its ur boy Eddy💫