I gently excusd myself frm Akosua, telln her i had sam tins to solve at home. As soon as she enterd her haus i tuk to my heels lyk dat guy in Apocalypto😰🏃💨. Dis is nt de first tym my mischievious sis has seen me lyk dis, n it normly dnt end wel fr me. Wen i caught up wit her i begd her nt to mk mention of wat she hd seen. She lukd at my sorry face n sed i cnt tel her wat to say and wat nt to say😟. A wrg move cud hastn my ejection process. My fate nw hangd entirely on her. I sneakd into my rum n waitd fr wat wil unfold:(.
Mike kpt askin wat my plan was bt i told him to relax. Honestly d plan i had was to tink of a plan. So i currently dnt av any plan in mind. I decided to play sam music n relax so i cn tink  of samtn. Wen i opend my laptop der was porn everywer:oops::oops:!! Wat?? Wen i askd Mike y he did dat he sed natin😐. Apparently wen Julia saw him leavin he ws goin fr de porn frm a fren n so in oda to stop Julia frm goin into de rum to see Dora he told her i was der! So he returnd widout Julia noticin, n dats wen dey did wat dey did. Nw i had a perfect plan:)!
Afta waitn a while widout my mum callin me i supposd my lil sista had spared me fr a price. N wud demand a favour in due tym.
Den i got a call frm my boss. I min de lady who wantd to lay wit me bt later promoted me:mrgreen:. She is kinda a fren nw. She told me sam pip wer jealous of my currnt position in de company n so had taken stand agnst me.:? i didnt rili care dat much cuz i cud rili use sam haterz. Bt wen she told me i was to go on parody tmor i shook😧. Parody??
Dis is a company term usd to express de idea of actin lyk de owner of de company. Wit my level in d company der r tins am supposd to no abt de company’s past n its future plans. Any sign of lack of knoledge cud cost me a demotion or resignation. Truth is dat i was pushd into my position by grace😬 n nt qualification. I was silent on de fone. Den i heard my mum callin me angrily “Edwin!! Edwin📢📢📢!!” Buee🙊…Julia!!


Watch out for episode 7. Its ur boy Eddy💫