THE BLUE WINDOW Season 2 Episode 4


Kwesi zoomed off and when I turned Fred was walking closer to me, I stepped back in fear but was shocked when he hugged me.

“That friend of yours is a very good friend, it’s Kwesi right, comes to drop you in school and all, I hope he doesn’t have feelings for you”.

“Huh” was all I managed to utter. “Relax, I’m just teasing, I know you are mine and no one is going to take you away from me”.

Realization dawned on me, he hadn’t seen Kwesi kiss me, if he did, this wasn’t going to be his reaction. He held my hand but I felt nervous, I felt weird, like I was committing a crime by leading the poor boy on, who was I going to leave?.

“Let’s go dear” he walked me to class. When we stepped in Rasheeda was staring at us and making faces, I let go of his hand but he turned and smiled at me before he walked into the class.

Rasheeda walked to me “did you come in together, did you spend the night at his place?” she asked eagerly.

“Are you on drugs or something?” I asked her. “I’m so not in the mood for you right now ok, so stay out of my way this morning”.

she walked away, I hadn’t realized it but I had screamed at her in front of the whole class and everyone was staring at us, looking to see what the reaction will be.

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I rushed out of the class into the canteen and sat down as I allowed the tears to flow. I raised my head and saw Fred staring down at me. He didn’t say a word as he sat beside me, he watched as the tears flowed down my face.

He handed me his handkerchief and I took it gratefully.

“ Eli, what’s wrong with you, you just yelled at your best friend, she’s shaken when I was leaving the class, I saw her eyes were teary, you know I love you, if there’s something bothering you, just tell me, you know I’ll do anything for you”.

I turned to look at him, this was an open window, a chance to confess, to tell him the truth and to see what he decides, it was time.

Was Eli going to tell the truth, was she going to confess, find out in episode 5……..


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