I waitd patiently fr Mike’s return😒. Wen he finally arrivd i cudnt thro him a punch. He lukd lyk a hen beaten by rain. Wen i told him wat his actions had causd he kept apologizin. Bt dis ws nt a matter of apology, he had to tk responsibility😠. Bt de tin is, he wil also face ejection lyk i am. Fr dat i sympathised wit him:?. I was howeva nt goin to take blame fr his actions. Den as usual i came up wit a plan;).
Den i askd him wen n hw dey left de room. He sed wen he heard de noise of d car(pastor’s car) he tot it was my fada’s. So he quickly ran to de kitchen wit Dora n exited tru d backdoor. And then:oops:? Half naked dey both jumpd de wall into de bushy plot of land behind our house. N as fr my slippers it was worn by Dora n so she tuk it home leavin her heeld shoe behind.😬😆
Nw i was nt afraid cus i had a perfect plan. I had to let Mike tel my parnts dt i wasnt at home, bt if he did it now dey wil only say he is tryna protect me. Afta tinkin carefully abt my plan i was sure it wil wrk so i headed for Akosua’s place. I knockd on d gate several tyms b4 her sista Diana came to peep thru de gate. Wen she saw me she was returnin n i calld her n askd of Akosua. She told me dat Akosua says if i am de one at de gate she shd jx cam bk in. I gav her a depresd face hopin it wil make dis lil gal sympathise:|.
Den she askd me wat i wil gv to see Akosua. I no she lent dat frm my sista. I promisd her chocolate bt she sed she cnt trust my promise. So i gav her ¢2 bcos she sed ¢1 cnt buy anytyn😄. Den she went to tel Akosua dat a certain man was at de gate.
Wen Akosua came out n saw me she was abt to go bak in bt i held her. Actually i tink she wantd me to, cus she was nt resistin. I told her it was all a misunderstandin. N dt it was Mike n nt me. She den realisd she had forgotn i shared a room wit dat guy. She apologised for makin such a hasty conclusion😌. I was happy it wasnt so difficult, n i hugged her out of emotions. Wit sam few tears in my eyes i could nt help bt notice my sista Julia lukin at us frm a distance!!😁😁🙆.


Watch out for episode 6. Its ur boy Eddy💫