WHY ME? (S02E02)



I had a ruff nyt’s slp. I sim to be perchin in my own room. Dt Mike guy was all ova de bed n even in de air😒.
Anyway, earlier dis week i had spoken to a police officer at church abt de allegd cause of my fren’s death. He told me if i cud gt samwan to testify dat wil put me jx halfway thru de process. Wen i askd him wat i had to do to go thoroughly thru de proces h askd me to get him sam money to give to his superiors😟. Asem ooo. I decided to do wateva it takes to gt justice for my late fren. N money was nt a prob now😋. I only hd to convince Samuella to be bold n tel de truth. So tday i hope to make her decide in my favour. As i was preparin for church i hed our dog barkin in de cage. Samwan was comin into our house. Wen i lukd thru de window der he was. Philip😩!! I cud see him smilin as he came….urrrghhh:(! I went out to meet him wit a smile:mrgreen: bt deep within me dat was a frown😒. Dt guy is lyk a gum stuck under a shoe. He handed me a brown envelope. Wen i askd wat it was he told me it containd app forms for Southern Ghana Bible College:D..hehe. He wantd me to fill it for him. So he cudnt find anywan in his area bt had to cam ova to my place??? Dt guy is rilli strange! He kinda sees me as a close fren bt i see him as a wierd frn. He told me he wil cam for it later in de evnin. Den we left fr church togeda.
Church was awesome esp de part wer de choir conductor slipd n fell out of enthusiasm😆. Everywer went lyk👏👏👏👏. I met Samuella afta service n afta telin her wat i wantd her to do she made me promise to be by her no matter wat. I didnt av a choice.
We went to see de police officer togeda. He talkd plenty n den told me to go n report de case at de police station. So de money he tuk frm me was a waste😯oooww!
Frm der Pastor askd me to go wit him to a prog. It was wen we wer goin dat i got dis text frm Philip, “Eddy charlie Pastor wants me to meet him at de church wit de app form. He said he wil call me to meet him at church wen he is returnin frm his prog. So am comin for it wai. Tanx bro!”😬😬As3m b3n koraa nie!!


Watch out for episode 3. Its ur boy Eddy💫