WHY ME? Episode 13


Episode 13

Frm wrk today i had a call frm Pastor concernin de yut conference. It was scheduled for Sunday afta church. So nw i had a chance of escapin an encounter wit both Dora n Samuella. Bt der was anada problem. Pastor wantd me to preach on de theme; Livin a chaste yutful lyf!🙆. I was livin a chaste yutful lyf bt considerin de few people i had unresolvd issues wit made dis a very awkward theme🙊.
I had 6 more days b4 all dis drama wil unfold so i decided to enjoy de moment:mrgreen:. Oh n b4 i forgt, my manager gave me ¢300 to install softwares for her😋. I told her i cud do it fr free bt she said nutin is free!! Haha..who cares? If she kips doin dis i wud soon be a ‘thousandaire’ if ders a wrd lyk dat😆. So dis evenin all i was goin to do @ home was to get d softwares on her pendrive, hide d money she gave me n den laf nonstop for lyk 10mins😂. I had natin beta to do! Wen i got home Julia lukd sad. Wen i askd her she said i made her fail her homewrk. What:oops:! I am lyk de Archimedes of d 21st century. Wen i checkd it was true. I had mistaken all de multiplication signs fr additions. Part of it was her fault. Her handwritin was terrible. Wen u see her name written on de front of her buks u wil tink its her signature. My brada was home early tday. Wen he saw me all he said was “u luk too happy for samwan who lost a fren jx yestday”. It was tru:|. I had forgotn abt Prince koraa. I tried to force tears out of my eyes bt dat wil be crocodile tears n beloved, i am no crocodile:?. I went to my room n startd copyin de softwres. My mind was @ peace cos i new i had enaf money to repair Philip’s laptop. So comparin yestdy to tday i had to say tday was doin jx fyn. N den Airtel crownd it all up. I recivd a mesg sayin my numba has won GH¢40,000.😱. OMG!! I always tot dose tins wer nt for real😯. I screamd😁📢. As i continued readin i realisd it was nt for real😒. Dey wantd me to text wateva to a certain shortcode. Crap! If i had won y wnt dey jx giv me de money?? Wen i liftd up my head i saw Julia n anada gal standin in de entrance. Wen i askd Julia who she was she said she is frm her skul, n dat her sister brot her here sayin she was my fren.:oops:. Wat is dis Akosua gal tryna do??


Watch out for episode 14. Its ur boy Eddy💫