WHY ME, Episode 12


Episode 12

I woke up very xhausted:(. But i had a gud dream dat made feel alive. By a gud drim i mean a drim wer u n sam friends get chased by dogs🐕 n one of dem get bitten n u tank God its not u. Dis mornin i am stil contemplatin on weda to go to wrk or not. I am actually suposd to be doin my nat’l service🇬🇭 this yr oo. I rilli luv my madaland GH✋, bt wen ur mada trows u onto a strange land u r likely to forsake d luv u av for her. I was postd to a place widout electricity n a clean source of drinkin water. I was nt pisd, i tot i was goin to teach. So i cud cane de pupils as my revenge😁. Bt i was sent to wrk on a farm…Hw3! Ama Ghana paaa😆. So i decided to do my nat’l service by raisin a family wit enaf numbas to occupy de numba of seats in d Parliamnt Haus. Haha! So currently i am wrkin wit a company dt pays very wel😎. Dey said today is de Devil’s day😈. I dnt no who named d day tho. D manager herself was comin  to chk on us. Dey said she was very strict n wil nt hesitate to sack u if u lukd her in de eye. Dose wer exaggerations. I decidd to go to wrk anyway. My wrk was to monitor transactions n make sure non of de workers wer pocketin money. Jx sam few minutes past break we wer told de devil had arrivd. I lukd as sam colleagues put on serious faces n tried to sit up. I was nt bodad at all. I had bin thru hell n losin dis job wil nt be a big blow to me😐. I was being myself. I was turnin left n rait in my chair wit a pen behind my ear. Wen she enterd evriwer was quiet. Even d wall clock stopd tickin for sam seconds. She was nt a grown woman. She was abt 5 yrs older dan me. She lukd familiar to me. I was sure i had seen dat face b4. Den we caught eyes. I lukd away bt i cud see her approachin me. I new i had lost my job😨. Bt wen she came she said i lukd familiar:mrgreen:. I jokinly said mayb she saw me on tv:). She said no, n dat she was de wan who paid my taxi fare fr me wen i had no money n was cryin lyk a child….owww yawa oo:roll:. I cud hear sam of my guys lafin. Den she startd rubin my head lyk a small boy. Ow Charliee:?.


Watch out for episode 13. Its ur boy Eddy💫