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Ghana started with countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Korea in the early 1960s. Malaysia, of which Ghana gave grants of 3 million dollars because it was very poor in the 1960s, now can boost fast growing economy, an emerging economy for that matter and a part of the upper middle income countries and Ghana, her donor in the 1960s, still crawling as a low middle income country.

The global competitiveness report 2013-14 has indicated that by 2020, Malaysia will be part of the developed countries, where will Ghana also be by then? It is quit sad to say the least that a country, Malaysia, Ghana used to donate grants is almost at par with the developed countries and Ghana in its current state is still slacking behind.

The most amazing part is that towns and villages in Ghana cannot boost portable drinking water, good roads, good living, just to mention few, and in the cities too people find it difficult enrolling their wards to schools and the various universities because gradually education is turning to be for the rich leaving the poor behind and yet, more than 20 million dollars has been sank into the celebration of our independence day. The question now is what at all is there to be celebrated? Is it the poor health facilities have as a country, corruption on the ascendancy or what?

Personally, I believe that our leaders should have learnt from the Tanzanian President, John Magufuli, who cancelled the independence celebration in Tanzania last year and rather used monies allocated for the day to purchase hospital beds, improving sanitation and the likes and done same for Ghana. Quoting the exact words from President John Magufuli as to why he scraped off the celebration of the Independence Day, he said, “It’s shameful we are spending money to celebrate independence when our people are dying of cholera.” It is also shameful for us Ghanaians celebrating this day when our people cannot enjoy good health, lack good sanitation practices, unemployment also on the ascendancy rate, collapse of the few local jobs, we doing a lot of import instead of exports and many others just to mention but few.

The last thing before I end, is the excessive monies paid to the blackstars players after each match. It is rather Unfortunate that citizens of this nations are not thought of how to be patriotic to their mother land. Each blackstar player made away $1000 not even cedis but dollars in their just ended match with Mozambique. Believe it or not, this money when used judiciously well, it can and it will improve all sectors of our economy, health and many more to improve the lives of even the Kayaye porter and the average Ghanaian whose taxes are used in paying the blackstars.

With all these been said I believe you now understand why there is nothing to be celebrated. Yes! I believe in that school of thought that asset that the black man is capable of managing his own affairs. But have we as Ghanaians managed our affairs to satisfaction? I leave that to the discerning minds to provide answers to that.

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  1. very nice article and to add my voice to this I think our leaders are de cause of all these. Their personal interest is their priority rather Dan de problems confronting de citizens. African Leaders should wise up

  2. that is a true piece there. it actually needs graphic publication.

    I advice you should consider that angle too.

  3. Akwasi, maintain the status quo. You are going far with your informative write ups.
    You are a good example to all young writers.
    keep it up

  4. I really like your article Akwasi. If our leaders do not consider some things for now, then we the youth are going to suffer in the near future… well done.

  5. Very true , Diplomat you have spoken my mind, I wondered why Ghana would celebrate her 59th independence when n some schools, students sit n floors to write…Wow what a pity…we the youth should araise because Ghana is for you and me.


    • Thanks Baby Ella… you are for change so lets all arise over pettiness and demand accountability from our leaders whom we put and employ them to take up leadership roles here in this country.

  6. Is very true …We just have to stop the unnecessary and do the neccessary cos we far behind ohh GHANA ? hmm by the way nice article there AKWASI keep it Up.?

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