WHY ME? Episode 10




De driver grabd me by de collar of my shirt shoutin insults in my face:evil:. He had already created an uncomfortable scene for me. I wipd my face n tried to luk gud?.
Then a lady in de taxi paid for me. I tankd her and walked off wit tears in my eyes:'(. U wil easily say today is de worst day of my lyf, bt i had a strange feelin dis was jx d beginin. Wen i got home it was half past 8. N my parents wer sittin outside waitin for me. I had missd several calls frm dem cos i had muted my fone since de tym i was at d PTA. Wen dey saw my face dey new it was not a gud tym to be hard on me. Wen dey askd me wat de problem was it worsened de case. As i talkd i began to cry more n more? intensely. Dey wer sad. N dat was jx wat i wantd frm dem. Dat was de only way to purge deir anger. So afta de cryin i new i was free now. I walkd into de kitchen to get samtyn to eat only to find cassava, tomatoes, onions n deir brothers. Aahhh!!?. My mum had wantd to punish me for not being around for de fufu poundin n so hd left me all de raw fudstuffs required to make a one-man-fufu n lyt soup to teach me a lesson. Heerrrrhhh?. Mafia paa. She was sorry, bt der was notin she cud do abt it now. It was already 9pm. N 9pm in my area is lyk midnyt in Ablekuma. U wont even see people walkin on de streets, n all de shops wer closed.? I had to slp on an empty stomach. Wen i went to my room my little sista came in?. Bt she was cryin.:| She told me she was very sorry for d blackmailin n backbitin. I forcd a chuckle n gave her a hug. Afta all, she is jx a kid. She askd if i had forgiven her n wil nt talk abt it agn. I smiled:mrgreen: n said yes. Den she told me she had samtyn for me. At last i hoped to end my day wit sam love. But she returned wit two homewrk books.?. She cried bcos she cudnt do de drawin, n de maths so she got me to promise to forgive her. Dat gal is de ‘baddest’ gal. I shook my head n helpd her out wit de maths. As i was drawin for her i felt my fone vibratin. It was a call frm Prince’s moda. I cudnt believe my ears:oops:. I was supposed to be drawin a calabash for Julia bt afta de call i had drawn de map of Chorkor.


Watch out for episode 11. Its ur boy Eddy?


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