Who is the middlemen between Sarkodie and Ace hood’s collaboration? Find out here


The source tells pobsonline.com that the middleman between Ace and Sarkodie was Tigo Ghana. Here is the rundown, Tigo contacted Sarkodie as part of their marketing strategies to expand their music streaming site Deezer.

Sarkodie was giving a choice to choose an American artist to feature on a track and the name that popped up was Acehood.

Managers then contacted Acehood and after finalizing everything, Acehood called Sarkodie to work on the track. Yes! Acehood called Sarkodie first .Remember how Sarkodie said he just recently found out about Tigo Deezer and even recorded a short video to endorse it to his fans and other musicians, it was all part of the agreement —and in case you didn’t know, the track “new guy” will be released exclusively on Tigo Deezer, which means, you’ll have to own a Tigo SIM card and also pay to subscribe to the service to enjoy the song exclusively.

Sarkodie also promised to patronize the streaming site more and that’s the beginning and the end to this whole drama.The agreement means more exposure for Tigo and more fan base reach for Sarkodie as well. Nice business strategy. So there you have it, Sarkodie was never a liar…and remember where you read this gist first