Whatever It Takes- Episode 55


Esenam woke with joy in her heart. She woke up to a text message from Boat:

“You have totally eclipsed my heart, Esenam. You have made me complete by accepting to marry me. I will spend the rest of my life showing you how much I love you. Loved you then, love you now, will love you forever. See you later in the day my love.” She was glad Boat was back in her life. She stayed in bed for a long while.

A smile crossed her face when she looked at the ring on her finger. She was happy Boat asked her to marry him. It was her wildest dream come true. It was the best thing that ever happened yet she felt sad. She was sad because her Dad would not be part of it. She always dreamed of walking to the altar proudly on her Daddy’s arm. She thought of a way to get her Dad to share that day with her. She would love it very much if her Dad was part of her marriage.

Her phone rang. It was her brother Elorm. He said he was checking up on her. He deduced whatever the problem was between Esenam and Boat had been resolved because his sister sounded very happy that morning. He had received a call from Boat earlier in the day to join him in his morning walk. Boat was back to his usual self when he saw him. Esenam could not help but tell him the good news.

“God, that guy is fast. He can’t wait to bang you.” Elorm responded.

“Elorm please!” she whined with a giggle. She told him her only hurdle now was to get through to their Dad. Elorm suggested she spoke to her Dad’s pastor about it but Esenam reluctantly declined. She did not like the idea of settling issues with third parties. She knew her Dad hated that. She told Elorm she would keep that option open if all other options failed.

“So, how is everybody, especially Dad? I’ve not seen him since, I don’t know. It’s been such a long time.”

“Dad? The usual. He gets unhappier by the day. He looks as though his whole world has come crashing to his feet. His relationship with Mom is getting worse by the day. It’s only a matter of time before the bomb explodes, He is aware Mom can’t tolerate his ways anymore and that’s killing him. We hardly sit together as a family nowadays. Things are really getting to a head around here, and because of that no one talks about my trip anymore.” Elorm explained.

“That’s bad.”

“Yes, that is very bad. Last night, I was coming from my room, I saw Dad in a most sober but pensive mood. He had in his hand their wedding picture. He smiled as if remembering something then he traced his hand on the picture and muttered something. I think I heard ‘I love you, Sylvia’. Then, he set the picture aside and picked yours; he muttered something and set it down again. He looked at mine, then Yayra’s then he walked away to the fridge.”

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“I don’t want him to be lonely. Elorm, we need to do something and fast. My decision to serve the Lord wholeheartedly and without letup should not affect them in anyway. I know they still love each other and I’ll never forgive myself if they break up because it would be my fault.”

“You know that is not true. It would be Dad’s fault. If only he can be a little considerate of the needs of others around him, everyone will end up happy. He is too selfish even to my liking. Mom must be very depressed living with a husband like that all these years. Look, I have to go now. I have a date I don’t want to miss. Will pass by later in the day.”

“Really. Do I detect some love in my brother’s voice?” Esenam teased.

“Oh, please not you too. I’ll see you later. Take care, will you?

“You too, take care. ”

That weekend was a very memorable one for her. Boat picked her up and took her places. It was so fun. They went to the zoo. They went shopping and finally settled in on a beach resort. He dotted on her the whole weekend. He had treated her like a real princess.

Boat was a real gentleman. He knew what to say, when to say it and how to say it. He always made sure Esenam’s needs were his priority. What amazed her most was Boat’s grip on self-control. There were moments when the passion they both felt for each other had been too much to contain but he always stopped just in time to avoid any misfortune befalling them as far as their vow to God was concerned. Boat insisted they should be married in three months since it was getting too difficult sleeping without her. Esenam was grateful to God for such a wonderful person in her life.

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