My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 34


I went back to the sitting room and our parents were still celebrating our engagement. Yuck!! They better be through with their useless celebration because we have something important to discuss.

James parents and my parents were through with their useless celebration. They (James Parents) stood up and went to the guest room given to them.

Not long afterwards, James and Miracle also stood up. James went to his own room to catch some sleep while Miracle greeted everyone as she went out of the house, entered inside her car and drove off to her own house.

Me: dad!!!!!!

I shouted immediately everyone has excused us. It was only my mum, dad and me that was present in the sitting room.

Me: what’s the meaning of all these rubbish?

Ma’am Nancy: shut up you, do you realise you are talking to your dad?

Chief Sunday: I can see that you have lost your manners. What rubbish are you talking about?

Me: why are you behind all these. Getting me and James wedded?

Chief Sunday: shut up! I thought you even have something important to talk.

Me: for your information, I am not marrying James. I already have somebody I truly love and I am not ready to spend my life with another guy I don’t love.

Chief Sunday: *shouting* and who is the person you claim to love?

Me: Idris. dad, I truly love Idris.

Chief Sunday: Impossible! I will not see to it that any of my daughter will be engaged to a cheat. A husband that can’t not focus on one woman but chases everything under skirts.

Ma’am Nancy: stephanie my dear, you should listen to your dad. If you and Idris got married, you will regret it. Believe me, no one would be happy in a marriage where the husband is a cheat. That marriage is simply nothing but a disaster.

Stephanie: but mum, I don’t love James. I can’t spend the rest of my life with him.

Chief Sunday: that is not a problem. Your mum said the same thing to me few years back but can’t you see that we are living peacefully together. As time goes by, you will learn to love and appreciate James for who he is. Infact take a look at it yourself. You are beautiful and James is very handsome. That is the true definition of a perfect couple. Your children will be great, nice and people will envy your home.

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Ma’am Nancy: Stephanie,we are your parents and we will not do anything that will harm you. Any advice given to you now is simply the best. James is the right guy for you believe it or not. As your father said earlier, when we were young, I did not love him. Infact I have no feelings for him as the marriage was being planned by our parents but as things passes by, I learn to love him and now I have realise that our parents made the right decision for us.

I just stood up and walked out on them. Now I know that they are loosing their minds. Me marry James, never!!

I entered inside my car and drove off to my apartment. I knew something needs to be done very fast or else, the impossible might be made possible.


Me: what am I going to do? What am I going to do?

Were the words that kept coming out of my mind till a perfect plan crept inside my mind.

Me: I think I should call and inform Samuel about this.
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