Whatever It Takes-Episode 36


Mr. Fiagbe was totally angry yet for once he felt responsible for his actions. He admitted he had acted very rashly towards Esenam but there was no turning back now. It had been two years already. Esenam had made it without him. He admitted he had not treated his wife with the necessary respect was due her. He always insisted on his way. Sylvia never had a say in anything yet she stood by him and had tolerated him all these years. He knew his wife was an exceptional woman but it seemed to him that she was getting to the point where she would take no more crap from him. They had been through some really rough times in their marriage but she had always sacrificed for him to be happy. She was the type who kept everything bottled up and never complained about anything he did. Now, all that had changed. She had complained more than a couple of times over the past two years and had threatened to leave him for good any time soon. He sat all by himself and wondered why Esenam did not change her postal address.

“Now I stand to lose my wife too. I’ve got to think and act fast. I know Sylvia is not joking. I can’t live without her. I need to find a solution to this problem fast.” He said to himself. He recalled events that led to Esenam being ousted from his house. He played back events of that day in his mind and decided to contact the Yaw Boateng fella who lived in the neighbourhood for Esenam’s whereabouts. He was sure he was the key to his dilemma. He prayed the young man would still be in the house Esenam stopped over that faithful day he tailed her to the Church.

He knocked on the gate for a while. No one answered. He saw the doorbell and pressed it. He stood at the door for some time, no one answered. He tried again and again. Still no answer. He was sorely disappointed. What was he going to do now? He did not like the idea of going to the Church to look for Esenam. He turned and stood still debating in his mind what action he should take next. A taxi pulled up and Boat stepped out. Mr. Fiagbe gave a sigh of relief. He walked up to Boat as he waited for his change from the driver.

“Hello gentleman.” Boat turned in his direction and was surprised to see Esenam’s old man himself trying to be nice to him. He had seen him at his gate but had brushed it aside as a mere coincidence. He responded reluctantly.

“I came looking for you.”

“Me? What did I do now?” Boat enquired.

“Let me go straight to the reason I’m here, young man. I don’t have time for chit chats. I’m looking for Esenam. Since you are behind her change in attitude and ultimate defiance, I thought you would know where I could find her?”

“May I know why you want to know?” Boat asked knowing very well he was pushing his luck with Mr. Fiagbe.

“You have no right to ask me that. Do you or do you not know where I can find her. There is something really important that needs her urgent attention.”

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“Sorry if I offended you. I know you are her father and I have no right to question you. It’s just that I have seen how broken she’d been every time you have asked to see her. I am just trying to protect her from any more pain. She’s been through a great deal. She’s now getting over the pain you’ve caused her and since I don’t want you upsetting her anymore I can’t tell you where she is. All I can tell you is she is in good health and in good hands.”

“Look, I’m only here because her mother threatened to do something crazy if I don’t see her and give her this letter as soon as possible. So, cut the act and tell me where I can find her so that I can get this over and done with.” Boat offered to take the letter to Esenam but Mr. Fiagbe would not take that. He wanted to make sure that letter reached Esenam. He insisted he would like to hand the letter to Esenam in person. Boat was not sure Esenam would be home. She had said something about going to town for some supplies. He was sure, however, that Esenam would be at Church that evening.

“I’m not sure if she’d be home by now. But you can come by the Church this evening around six. She will definitely be there.” Boat supplied.

“So, you attend the same Church. Why didn’t you say so when you came to the house to see her? You turned my daughter against me so that you can have her to yourself. You are all a bunch of liars.” Mr. Fiagbe retorted, his suspicion confirmed.

“No one turned Esenam against you. You threw her out of your house instead of being grateful she decided to serve God whole souled. Do you know how many parents want their kids to follow the only true God and bring honour to their name? I wonder how you sleep at night knowing your daughter is out there, alone and at the mercy of total strangers. She talks very highly of you but she never even in her wildest dreams think that you would be capable of cutting her off the way you did. The fact that you chose to listen to a total stranger instead of her really got to her but thankfully she’s getting used to it. We all make mistakes in life and we learn from those mistakes. Esenam is a matured person and knows what…”

“Cut it out, young man. I didn’t come here to listen to anymore nonsense. My job is done here. Thanks for nothing!” Mr. Fiagbe rudely cut in and left without another word. Boat had wanted to give him the directions to the Church but he was already gone. He called out to Mr. Fiagbe to wait for the directions but he did not heed the call.

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