My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 15



I couldn’t move an inch as i stood transfixed on the same spot. Standing before me is miracle with the shortest bum short i have ever seen and the lightest spaghetti top.

Infact the bomb short was so short that all her legs were exposed, it made me wonder if she had any pant on her. The spaghetti top was so light that i could see her yellow bra.

I don die today. Na who go fit escape this temptation. I sure say many men no fit escape am.

Miracle: are you going to let me in or you will just be standing there looking at me?

She asked with an evil smirk. Oh God, save your son.

Me: erm am very sorry. You can come in.

I said and she walked inside ensuring that her hips brushed my already hard d–k, i don die today.

Miracle: so what’s up, you didn’t even bother to check on me for the past one week.

Me: ahh, am very sorry o. Its just that my work didn’t even give me time to socialize.

I lied to her.

Miracle: well no problem. I am already here. So what did you cook.

Me: there is rice in the kitchen with stew.

Miracle: *still sitting down* ok.

Me: *laughed* go and serve yourself joor.

Miracle: and later you would say i am your visitor.

She said standing up and heading to the kitchen. Wow, see as the ynash dey shake. Jesus!! This girl packaging na die. Omo!

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She came back with the food and ate why i pretended to be focusing in the movie i was watching.

When she was through, she came back to the parlor and saw me lying on a three sitter couch.

Then she came close to me and lay on my chest why she faced the television.

Me: *no be say the thing no dey sweet me but i no want cheat on steph* Erm miracle.

Miracle: yes..

She said facing me with our lips almost touching each other. I did not know what else to say and how to get her off me..

Me: you do have a boyfriend shey?

Miracle: no!
She said and relaxed.

Me: erm, you know the way you lay on me is improper right?

Miracle: please na, don’t pursue me. Moreover am feeling cold.

Me: hahaha, is their no blanket again.

Miracle: forget about that thing joor, its you i need.

She said and pecked me..

We were watching the film together when they started showing s-x scenes.

As first, nothing happened between us but when the s-x got hotter, she turned and gave me a deep kiss.

Me: *breaking from the kiss* common miracle, we shouldn’t be doing this.

Miracle: doing what? Don’t you know i love you?

Me: what! Please i don’t want to betray your sister because it is she i love.

Miracle: stephanie is very bad, don’t follow her. Can’t you see she is very mean?

Me: that was then, she has changed and..

I haven’t finish the statement when she grabbed my d–k from the short i was wearing and i moaned.

She bent her head and now, the kiss was deeper than before as she kept caressing my d–k holding it very tightly.

Oh no, she has got me. No be my fault, na konji fault. My hands moved up and grabbed her soft and succulent b—-t and she moaned in my mouth.

Me: please my d–k is hurting me..

I said as she release the strength she use in holding my d–k. We were still kissing and romancing each other when my phone started to ring.

I have to push her off in other to pick it because she was not willing to stop.

Me: its a video call and its stephanie!

I said as she stood up and walked majestically into the room with a smile on her lips. No doubt, she is winning.
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