My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 16


Me: hello darling!

I said picking up the call with fear in me..

Stephanie: Idris!

She shouted and my heart broke into two.

Me: erm, what’s the matter?

Stephanie: is that not lipstick am seeing on your lips?

I don die today. I used style and checked and truly truly, my lips were red.

Me: no, its not lipstick oo.

Stephanie: then its what?

Me: erm, close up.

Stephanie: close up?

Me: yes i was about to brush my teeth before you called.

Stephanie: are you sure.

Me: haba, you think am cheating on you, take a look at the room.

I said and showed her the room.

Stephanie: hmm, i just don’t know what else to say o.

Me: am not cheating on you na.

Stephanie: ok, where is the brush and toothpaste since you said you were about to brush when i called.

Gen gen, she don finally catch me.. Just then miracle came from behind, giving me my brush and toothpaste.

That’s one thing with video call, you are able to see only were the camera of the recipient phone is facing.

Me: *rasing the brush* here, are you satisfied?

Stephanie: not so? It just that i love you and i don’t want to share my love with anyone. Please forgive me..

Me: you are forgiven. How’s is work over their.

Stephanie: work is fine o. I just called to check on you.

Me: no problem. I will call you tomorrow.
I said and she ended the call.

Me: *wow, that was a close one*

Miracle: lie lie boy.

Me: we have got to stop this rubbish thing we are doing. Don’t you see i was almost busted?

Miracle: chilax boo, as long as you play your cards well, you don’t have any problem.

She said picking her hand bag.

Miracle: i will be going home now.

Me: *standing up* alright, let me see you off.

I said and escorted her to her car.

Miracle: *inside her car* take this?

She said giving me bundles of naira notes.

Me: haba, you know am not taking that. I should be the one giving you money not vice versa.

Miracle: bobo integrity. Take it..

Me: *shake my head sideways*

Miracle: *picking up her phone*

Me: what are you doing?

Miracle: calling stephanie to tell her i am with you.

Me: haba na. Please don’t do that.

Miracle: ok, collect the money.

Me: ok, ok.

I collected the money.

Miracle: a friend of mine is celebrating her birthday. Bolanle, shey you know her?

Me: yes, our manager’s daughter.

Miracle: am inviting you to the birthday, here is the card.

I looked at the card. The birthday is just three days from now.

Me: ok ma, i have heard you.

I said and she smiled before driving off.

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I kept my phone on the table still thinking.

Me: what if idris is cheating on me.

Me: it can’t be. After all, he showed me the toothbrush and paste. But..

*door bell rings*

Stephanie: who could be this one again.

I said as i walked straight to the door. Here in England, we were lodged in a hotel. Me and the rest crew, the hotel was one of the best in England.

Each room have a warmer because the weather here is so cold, very cold with snow falling from the sky.

I got to the door and opened it and on seeing the person at the other side, my whole body shook.

It can’t be!
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