Whatever It Takes-Episode 17


Esenam quickly went home after church service before the rest of her family returned. She changed into her casual clothes and went to the kitchen to fix herself something to eat. She cleaned up the kitchen and cooked lunch for the house. She retired into the living-room with her Bible. The sound of the gates opening and closing told her the rest of the family were back from church. She sat reading her Bible when they walked in. Her father had a surprised look on his face when he saw her but said nothing. Yayra sat by her and pleaded for her to turn on the TV. Esenam asked her to go and change into some house clothes first.

“Yes, go and change, spoilt brat!” Elorm added.

“Can’t you speak without adding insults?” Esenam questioned Elorm.

“Why? Have you finished with your fast and self-imposed incarceration? To tell you the truth I didn’t want you to come out ever again because I was getting a lot to eat in your absence from the table. Can’t you see I have put on some lovely weight in about a week?” Elorm teased.

“Elorm, why are you always picking fights with your sisters. If you continue like that they might end up not respecting you.” Mrs. Fiagbe chipped in.

“I am just playing with her, Mom. But I didn’t lie about the food. I am heading out to socialize with some guys. This house is dominated by women. The only guy here too is not very friendly.” Elorm said sarcastically and headed for the door.

“Elorm, aren’t you staying for lunch?” Mrs. Fiagbe enquired.

“No, Mom. Will have lunch with my girlfriend.” Elorm teased.

“Don’t forget to bring her over some time.” Mrs. Fiagbe shot back frankly.

“Don’t pay any attention to him, Mom. I’m sure he’s going to the stadium with his friends and he doesn’t want Dad to know about it.” Esenam explained.

“Elorm! Are you going to …” Elorm run out before his Mom could complete her sentence. Mrs. Fiagbe asked Esenam if she was sure he was headed for the stadium. Esenam explained that he usually went to the stadium every Sunday and she knew his favourite team was playing that day. Mrs. Fiagbe was worried that her husband would have a problem with that since he had warned his son never to go to the stadium. She asked Esenam to keep it to herself. Esenam assured her she had no intention of saying anything to their father since she knew how he was going to react to something like that. Mrs. Fiagbe noticed Esenam was happy and relaxed. She had been very worried when her daughter locked herself in.

“You are in a good mood today!” Mrs. Fiagbe teased.

“Yes, you can say that Mom. For some unknown reason I feel good, excited to be precise.”

“That’s fine by me. I want you to be happy all the time. I feel a little tired I’m going to lie down for a while before lunch.” Mrs. Fiagbe left for the bedroom just when Yayra came in. Esenam kept her word and switched on the TV for her. Yayra soon got lost in the cartoons that were showing at the time. Esenam watched with her. The doorbell rang and Esenam wondered who it could be. She got up and opened the door to see Akwasi in the doorway. Her mood took a dive to its lowest ebb when she saw him; she hadn’t expected him, and she was not happy to see him. Akwasi was excited to see her up and about and kissed her on the cheeks. Esenam told him to stop doing that every time he saw her. He followed her inside and pretended not to have heard her.

“You are not too happy to see me, are you?” Akwasi asked frankly.

“Why do you say that?” Esenam asked coldly.

“The look on your face, if I didn’t know better I would say you were expecting someone else. Anyway, that’s not why I’m here. I was worried about you because the last time I was here you wouldn’t talk to anyone, not even me, your darling prince. I must state that I’ve missed you a lot. I still love you, Esenam, I think I love you even more now.”

Should Esenam give him another chance?

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