My Celebrity Girlfriend Episode 21


Na so i drag my leg commot from her room enter inside her kitchen. Everything she said was just playing back in my head.

I look around, saw an apron and wore it. I moved over to the cupboard, removed palm oil and groundnut oil, remove salt pepper and maggi, remove pot..

Me: chaiii, which kind wahala come be this na. Simple bread and tea don turn to fried rice and chicken. How i go use do na. Wait oo, Samuel dey na. My guy go help me.

I removed my phone and dialed his number.

Me: hello Samuel.

Samuel: i no knw say for the land of the spirits una dey use phone oo.. Well we don dey finish make the obituary paper sha.

Me: you dey craze, i need your help abeg.

Samuel: wetin happen again?

Me: see en, Stephanie cook no come work today. She call the cook and after the cook don give flimsy excuse, she sack her. She come call another girl wey go help her find another cook but the girl say no cook dey available for now.

Samuel: and how wetin you just talk now take concern me, how the thing use reduce fuel price for Nigeria?

Me: wait na, shey i sabi fry egg?

Samuel: which egg you sabi fry, all the eggs wey you dey fry na Godforbid, infact na tofiakwa to the tongue. Wetin happen jare.

Me: as i see say she dey stranded, i come offer to help her prepare breakfasts but wetin i want prepare for her na bread, tea and egg oo, na so dis girl say make i prepare fried rice and chicken or i loose my job.

Samuel: iyeeeeee!

Me: so i need your help to prepare the food.

Samuel: you just came to the right person, oya on gas.

Me: how dem dey take on the gas?

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Samuel: shey na modern gas dey dier, dat flat one.

Me: yes

Samuel: you go see switch, turn am to the left side.

Me: *did as was told* e don on.

Samuel: put pot for fire, then you pour water inside.

Me: make the water full the pot?

Samuel: you dey mad, na baff you won use am baff?

I did as he commanded, na so i use par boil the rice, i come wash am.

Me: what is next, i don wash the rice.

Samuel: now put oil for the put.

Me: which kind oil?

Samuel: put enough groundnut oil to fry the rice and little red oil to give colour.

I added a mixture of red oil and groundnut oil in a pot and started to Fry it..

Me: e don hot?

Samuel: put onions and maggi inside the pot.

Me: *did as was told* i done do am!

Samuel: na turn you par boil rice inside the pot and fry am till e turn brown.

I turn the rice inside and omo see as my head dey big na. I wear apron, dey inside celebrity kitchen dey prepare delicious. I just dey fry the rice like chef wey dey for kitchen.

Me: the rice don brown.

Samuel: add two cups of water.

Me: *did as was told* i don do am.

Samuel: good, now put the chicken for fire, add salt and pepper with small water.

Me: make i no put the chicken for pot?

Samuel: you dey mad put am for another pot come put am for fire na.

Me: ok ok..
I did as he told me.

Samuel: now fry the chicken but turn the water inside the rice.

I fry the chicken, keep am aside then i turn the water inside the rice.

30 Minutes later.

Samuel: e don done. To be served with cool juice.

Me: my guy thank you very much. God bless you…

Samuel: what are friends for? Just go serve her quick quick before she vex and remember bring something come for your man oo..

Me: that one no be problem.
I said and cut the call, Thank God say mtn being dey do one of their awoof promo then.

I served the delicious inside a glass plate accompanied with fruit juice.

Me: time to eat.
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