We’ve created a place where we have to pretend about everything in the name of achieving the wanted results
When you miss someone,  it’s ok to go on the persons whatsapp page, look at the online sign longingly and imagine the person chatting with someone,  but you, who has missed the person won’t send a hi…..why? Because you want the person to miss you more….so u allow yourself to suffer in the hope of achieving better results
You are in love, tell the person?  No, the person might take you for granted or think you are mushy,  so for how long will you hide it?…..well, till the person tells you or at the perfect time
You have so much in your heart to tell someone.  Tell them?  No. Why? Because it’s a sign of weakness
REALLY…… when did we make all these laws, cos instead of helping,  I believe it complicates our lives
What if tomorrow never comes? What will you do? Sometimes the things you tell a person can imprint on the persons heart probably long after you’ve forgotten about it
Don’t be stingy with your words,  it’s totally inexpensive, say what your heart whispers to you
You probably may not get the results you desire but isn’t it better to know what the results will be than not knowing at all?
Think about it. …..have a good day.