“Broken Chain Reloaded” Episode 9


Nana was overwhelmed by Fafa’s action, he quickly went towards her and hugged her.
Ever since Fafa stood up against Adjoa’s Aunty, Nana began seeing her in a different way. She was more trustworthy than ever.
Fafa kept visiting the house frequently and was quick to notice that there was something wrong with Nana. Nana wasn’t himself. He acted distantly and ever since he overheard Adoley getting intimately involved with her boss, she had never bothered to call him or even pick his calls.
In as much as Nana was very disappointed in Adoley cheating on him, he was as well very worried about her wellbeing. For days he hadn’t heard from his wife. It had  been about 15 days since Adoley went to South Africa and from what Nana knew, she should have been back by now but there was no sign of her.
“Nana, are you ok, Is everything alright? Fafa asked during one of her visits to the house.
“Yeah, everything is well, don’t worry” Nana said.
“You can’t lie to me Nana, I have been around this family for a long time now and I know you very well. Just tell me the truth, what is going on” Fafa asked.
Nana had no option than to tell her what he was going through.
“For days, I have not heard from my wife. She was suppose to come back on the previous  Monday, yet there is no sign of her, she doesn’t pick or return my calls” Nana said.
“You must be kidding me, you mean you don’t hear from Adoley” Fafa asked again.
“Yeah and I know she is alright but there is something fishy going on and that is preventing her from picking my calls” He said.
“What do you mean Nana” Fafa asked.
Nana didn’t feel comfortable talking to Fafa about his marital problems, even though he knew  a good advice would really help him a lot at that particular time .
He just got up and went to his room. At that point in time, Fafa knew there was nothing she could do than to call her friend up, hopefully she might pick her calls. That was the only thing she could  do to help.
All this while Adoley was battling it out with her conscience back in South Africa. She was filled with guilt and pain for cheating on her husband yet she just couldn’t stop herself even if she wanted to.
She became more and more addicted to Bob. Love was one thing, but when addiction sets in, its takes a whole lot to overcome it.
She wanted to hear from her husband and find out how her child is doing. But calling him was becoming difficult because she couldn’t bare it and pretend everything was right. She just couldn’t  lie to her husband.
She then took a major decision to quit the job and make amends once  she comes to Ghana, but for now, as she continued to be around Bob, she couldn’t  just resist.  She played along knowing deep down in her heart that she was not happy about that.
Finally it was time for them to come to Ghana. Their so called business trip was over finally.  It was now time to face reality.
Nana on the other hand sat down at the living room completely confused and frustrated. He kept on drinking this bottle of hard liquor  that made him very drunk.  As of that time, he never knew when his wife was coming back. He didn’t know his fate in their marriage. He was just thinking and talking to himself as if all hope was lost. Nana had never shed tears like that before and never knew his marriage would become this way.
He shouldn’t have allowed his wife to go to South Africa in the first place, but he trusted and never did it occur to him that Adoley would do such a thing to him.
Fafa came by the house just to check on the kids before she went  back to her hotel where she was still lodging. Upon entering the living room, she saw Nana in a depressing state. He was very drunk and was just talking anyhow.
Fafa was even surprised to see him in that state, she quickly took the bottle of wine away from him and helped him to a seat that was nearby.
“She cheated on me, she slept with him. How could she do this to me, I love her so much” Nana wept while saying that.
“Stop saying that Nana, don’t let this alcohol make you think something ill about your wife. I know her very well and she can’t do such a thing to you” Fafa said.
“That’s what I thought myself, I just realized for all these years, I still don’t know my wife.” Nana said.
Fafa took her handkerchief and began wiping away Nana’s tears.
“Come on, get up, let me help you to your room” Fafa said and tried to help him up.
That was the very moment Adoley came in and saw them.
To be continued.
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