“Broken Chain Reloaded” Episode 8


That was Adjoa’s aunty. The lady who beat Adjoa with naked wire driving her away from her house. Apparently, she had been searching for Adjoa all these years and her investigations led her to Nana’s apartment.
“You still haven’t answered my question Madam, how may I help you” Nana asked again
“I’m here for my niece Adjoa” She boldly answered.
That was too much for Nana to handle in a day, his wife currently cheating on him with her boss somewhere in South Africa and here, another lady from nowhere claiming to be the aunty of Adjoa.
“What makes you think your niece is here, besides you are a total stranger. I’m sorry I can’t help you. You are definitely at the wrong house” Nana said.
He tried shutting the door in her face but the lady blocked the door with her hand. Nana was frightened by what she did, now he knew exactly why Adjoa couldn’t live with her.  Everything about her was very strange, she looked really masculine too.
“You dare not shut the door in my face Mr, before I call the cops on you for kidnapping” She resulted in threatening Nana.
Nana had no option now than to let her into the house. He couldn’t handle this by himself. The lady kept insisting on seeing Adjoa at that time of the night.
“Madam, the least you can do now is to get some sleep so we talk about this in the morning.  Let me take you to your room” Nana said.
For the first time, she complied with Nana and followed him to the guest room where she spent the night.
Nana stayed up all night, trying to figure out what to do. This woman is here for Adjoa and Nana was not ready to let that happen.  This was the time he needed his wife more and there she was in South Africa having some quality time with her boss.
He only had one option, someone whom he thought could  stand up to this weird Aunty of Adjoa and the only person he could think of was Fafa. Without wasting anytime, he picked up his phone and immediately called Fafa that late night to figure out what to do.
Meanwhile, in South Africa  where Adoley and Bob were, they had both fallen asleep after their wild intimacy. Just about 5:00am, Adoley suddenly woke up to find herself in bed with her boss.  She quickly jumped out of bed as if she didn’t know what happened.
Then it started to come back to her. She begun to remember how it all happened; it wasn’t a rape, neither was she lured into bed, it just happened. She then sat on the bed and buried her face in her palms in shame.
“What have I done? She asked herself and began to shed tears over it.
That was enough to wake Bob up.
“Hey dear, whats wrong? Why are you crying? Bob asked.
Adoley gave him a cold look and asked him to get out of her room and leave .
“Just get out Bob, get out” She shouted.
“Oh, seems someone is angry” Bob teased her.
“Get out please” She kept saying that.
Bob got up from the bed and began to dress himself up.
“How strange, just last night, you were all over me and we really had a good time together and now you sacking me out of your room” He said.
He then went closer to her and pushed her to the wall holding her face.
“Look into my eyes, Adoley. Tell me you didn’t like it” Bob asked.
“Stop it Bob, leave me alone. Get away from me, it was a mistake that won’t repeat itself” She said.
“Are you sure about that, You did like it as much as I did” He said and gave her a kiss again. Adoley tried to resist but again she couldn’t help it.   She lost control again and eventually ended up sleeping with Bob again.
The first time, she could blame it on being  under the influence of alcohol but for now who was to be blamed? She knew the implications of her actions and what It could do to her marriage but she just couldn’t control herself.
As much as she loved her husband, she did enjoy every moment she had with Bob. Every touch, every kiss, absolutely everything.  How could she do such a thing to Nana now that everything seemed to be going on well.  Not once , not twice, she virtually began staying with Bob in the same room.
Not that she wanted to cheat on her husband, deep within her she hated herself for doing that but she just couldn’t help it. She was getting addicted to Bob her boss even though she had no feelings for him. Adoley loved only her husband.
Fafa rushed to Nana’s aid early that morning, by then Adjoa’s aunty was still in bed. Together with Nana they quickly dressed the kids up for school. They were just preventing Adjoa’s aunt from seeing her. They wanted to deal with her alone.
As soon as the kids left for school, there came the Aunty from the guest room all dressed up and ready to go.
“I suppose this is your wife” She said when she met Nana and Fafa together at the kitchen. Before Nana could answer her, she rumbled on.
“You two look perfect together, anyway where is my niece?  She asked.
“Madam, I’m sorry, she just left for school, we didn’t want to bother you since you were still asleep” Fafa answered.
“Then I will wait for her till she is back so that I can go back with her” She said and left them in the kitchen and went straight to the living room where she comfortably sat.
“You see what I was talking about, She is just weird” Nana said.
“Don’t worry, leave everything to me, I can assure you that she won’t spend another hour in this house” Fafa said.
“What do you intend to do, sack her or what” Nana asked.
“Trust me on this Nana” She said and joined Adjoa’s aunt at the living room.
Nana just hoped that Fafa knew what she was doing. He wouldn’t know how to express his gratitude when she goes by her words. He had no option than to just watch on and see what was going to  happen.
“Madam, ever since we found Adjoa on the streets, only God knows how she ended up there, we found the bruises on her back and upon interrogation, she suffered a severe beating from you. You actually lashed her with a wire and that drove her out of her house. Now let me ask, would you have done that to your own child?”  Fafa asked her.
“Adjoa was a very bad girl and besides she may have gotten those bruises from the streets where she ran to” Adjoa’s aunty said.
“I see, well I have no problem with that, it will be your word against her’s” Fafa said.
“She is only a child” Adjoa’s Aunty said.  She was trying to intimidate Fafa but Fafa had her plans.
“Well we shall see that at the court of law” Fafa said.
At the mention of court, Adjoa’s Aunty got frightened for the first time and suddenly began acting nice.
“oh come on my sister, you know sometimes we parents lose control, maybe we should talk about this on my next visit. For now, I have a funeral that I really need to attend” She said.
“Oh really, won’t you wait for your niece” Fafa asked her.
“It’s very urgent, don’t worry, I will be back soon.” She said and began getting her stuff together. In no time she left the house as if she was being chased out.
Nana was overwhelmed with Fafa’s action, he quickly went towards her and hugged her.
To Be Continued.
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