“Broken Chain Reloaded” Episode 7


Adoley was sitting on the bed, lost in her thoughts. She was gradually gaining trust in Fafa.
Soon, Adoley’s time to travel was due. Nana helped her pack and drove her to the airport where she met her boss and departed to South Africa.
Temporarily, for the first time, Nana had to play the role of a mother and father to be able to take care of the kids while Adoley was away. Eventhough the new hired maid was also helping, Nana had taken some number of days off work just to take care of the house.
Fafa on the other hand never stepped foot in the house when Adoley went to South Africa. It had been three days after her departure and she had really kept her distance from Adoley’s house for reasons best known to her. From the look of things, it was really for the best though.
Nana and Adoley would communicate all the time and just like any other couple they were missing each other very much. They spent long hours talking to each other every night ever since her arrival at South Africa.  The more  they talked to each other, the more they missed each other.
It was through one of the conversations that  Adoley suggested Fafa should come around the house once a while to help Nana with the kids.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea, I have everything under control my love” Nana assured  her.
“Are you sure? I really know how stressful they can be, why don’t you let me talk to her” Adoley insisted.
“i’ll think about it but on a more serious note there is nothing you should worry about” Nana said.
That was the end of their conversation.  She was right though, Nana needed an external help in taking care of the kids, a matured person just like Fafa.  Adoley took the pain of calling  Fafa to be visiting the house and checking up on the kids once a while.
Well, Fafa getting involved in this, only God knows what is best but it seemed the couple had so soon forgotten what had happened to them some time ago in the hands of Fafa.
Meanwhile, in South Africa,  Adoley noticed that there was not much work to be done there. They virtually had little to do everyday.  What she knew to be a business trip was rather turning out to be a luxurious one.
It was an odd night, Adoley and Bob (Her boss) came back to the hotel where they were lodging very late in the night. Adoley had had a couple of drinks that had gotten her very tipsy. Her boss helped her to her room.
All this while, Nana was trying to reach her on phone but she was not picking and that even made him more worried.  Bob also on the other hand  helped Adoley who was so helpless into her bed. He then took of her shoes and placed her legs on the bed.
Even though she was very tipsy she noticed that her husband had been calling her. Adoley then decided to call him back. Just when she dialed his number, Bob, took the phone from her.
“I miss my husband, let me talk to him” Adoley said.
“That can wait till morning. For now you need to have some sleep” Bob said.
“No, No I want to talk to my husband” Adoley insisted.
Influenced by alcohol, she tried to grab the phone from Bob. Before she knew it, their faces  and eyes met. Bob couldn’t help it, he gently landed a kiss on her lips.  To his surprise, Adoley also kissed him back. It got intense, their breath got stronger. With Adoley, it felt new and besides Bob was a good kisser, She was enjoying it and couldn’t control her than to let go. The next thing she knew, She was on top of Bob intensely having sexual intercourse.
Adoley had ended up cheating on her husband. Something she never planned, she didn’t even see herself doing that but in the end, she had cheated on Nana with Bob her boss.
All this while, Nana was on the phone hearing everything that was going on. Apparently,  Bob didn’t hang up after taking the phone from her. Nana heard everything, the moaning and everything else.
His heart got broken and that very moment, he just wept. He thought he was dreaming. He couldn’t face reality. He wept as he heard everything that was going on. Just at that moment, the doorbell rang.
That was the only thing that made him finally hang up the call. He quickly stood up, wiped his tears and put himself together and went to check who was at the door.
It was a woman in her mid 50’s he had not seen before.
“Excuse me, how may I help you” Nana said.
From the looks of the lady, she had travelled  from a long distance.
“My name is Serwaa and I understand my niece Adjoa is here” She said.
That was Adjoa’s aunty. The lady who beat Adjoa with naked wire, driving her away from her house. Apparently she had been searching for Adjoa all these years and her investigations led her to Nana’s apartment.
To be continued
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