Web Of Mistakes Episode 15 FINAL


As Dominic held the gun, almost pulling the trigger, Evan’s phone interrupted. He pulled it from his b—-t pocket and answered. His face changed, he was upset. He spoke in a low tone. When he was done, he stared at Dominic. Evan was scared.
“What Is it?” Dominic asked.
Evan didn’t say a word.
“Speak!” he ordered.
“What’s wrong?” Richmond questioned.
“Ehm. . . .we,” Evan stuttered, “We lost.”
He swallowed hard. “There was a shoot out, all our men are dead. The Detective escaped. Shirley died too.” His voice was calm.
“Shirley?” Jessica asked, “Dead? How is that possible?” She got up, staggered towards Evan, grabbed his shirt and pleaded with him, begging him to tell her its not true.
Dominic and Richmond remained silent.
Dominic was breathing loudly, he screamed. Jessica kept crying, the room was noisy.
Dominic started breaking things and turning the room upside down. He furiously turned to Evan, “I told you to keep her safe, didn’t I?”
Evan tried defending himself, “He was with her all the time. We couldn’t do a thing.” His voice was shaky.
Dominic pointed the gun at him, “You are all useless. Once the husband is gone, the money would belong to the wife.”
Dominic couldn’t let him finish..
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Dominic released two bullets, they flew into Evan’s skull and he died on the spot. Jessica shrieked at the sound of the gun shots. She left Evan’s shirt as he fell to the ground, a thud was heard. She began freezing, shaking, her teeth clenching. From what she heard, she knew she was next. She prepared her heart.
She was right.
Richmond wasn’t moved. He just stood still and watched the interesting show before him. He was more like Dominic, ruthless animals.
Dominic faced her with the gun, “Once the wife is dead, the money would be mine!”
He laughed wickedly. He pulled the trigger. The bullet flew, Jessica ducked. She was screaming.
The door flew open. Carl led the way, a bunch of armed police men behind him.
“Freeze!” he ordered.
Everyone stood were they where. The police men kept coming in till they filled the room.
“Drop your gun,” Carl commanded Dominic.
Dominic quietly bent and dropped the gun.
Carl quickly rushed to Jessica and held her. “You’re safe now,” he whispered.
“Arrest them.”
Both Dominic and Richmond were handcuffed. They couldn’t escape, the whole place had been filled with police officers. If they tried acting tough, they’d have shot them.
Nobody was more surprised than Dominic as the door opened. His plan had failed. He hung his head in shame. They were taken outside, locked up in a van which drove to the station. Evan’s body was there also.
As the van drove out, Isaac’s vehicle drove into the compound with Shirley,  she had gotten little strength and was aware of all that happened. She jumped out and ran to the mansion shouting Jessica’s name. Isaac followed her.
Apparently Isaac had been hiding in a nearby bush. He watched. He’d seen all that happened. He saw Shirley shoot, saw her fall off and saw Carl deal ruthlessly with those men. He watched him speed off.
Minutes later, an ambulance arrived cooling off the fire. Isaac then came out of hiding. He’d helped quench the fire a little before running off to the spot Shirley fell. He went into the bush with a flash light. He searched for her. He kept searching for about fifteen minutes before he heard groaning from a distance. He walked briskly. He couldn’t run, the ground was all wet and slippery, covered with ash.
He found her! Shirley was alive! She was injured, had scratches on her face and legs. The bullet hit her, but the proof she had on saved her. She laid down, face to the ground.
Isaac turned her up, he removed the bullet proof.
“Help me,” she cried out, weakly.
He carried her off. He got in to his car, gently settled her in, got in from the other side and zoomed off. He kept watching her as he drove. He studied her. She was still weak and groaned in pains. She was really brave, to risk her life, she deserved an award. Thank God she hadn’t died nor rolled too far.
Carl held Jessica, comforting her, telling her it was going to be fine.
She didn’t want to listen. She’d let her anger and resentment blind her. She wished she listened to Shirley and Isaac. It was all too late. She’d made so many mistakes, she hadn’t made some. She had been living in a web of mistakes. There was nothing she’d done right. She cursed herself.
“Jessica!” she snapped back to life. That was Shirley’s voice.
“Jessica!” Isaac’s voice.
She turned to Carl. He too was stunned. Hadn’t Shirley died? He saw the bush she fell into engulfed with fire.
“Am I dreaming?” she asked Carl.
He shook his head. “I’m asking myself the same question.”
The voices came again.
“Jessica! Carl!”
Jessica and Carl ran towards the direction the voices were coming from. They ran out of the room and saw Isaac and Shirley.
Tears of joy ran down her cheeks.
“Shirley!” she screamed with joy.
They ran into eachother’s arms. They were very happy. After such a long time, they were re-united. They both kissed their cheeks and wept together. They were like sisters.
Carl and Isaac shook hands. They went for a hug. Now good friends.
Jessica and Shirley freed themselves. They both went to meet their beloved.
Jessica in Isaac’s arms. She apologised. He just kissed her, hugged her tight and told her he loved her. She smiled, giggled and rested in his arms. She again took his mouth in hers.
Shirley hugged Carl tightly. She never wanted to let him go.
“Its all over,” he said to her. “We finished it together.” He carried her in his arms and kissed her.
They were all very happy. The saga had ended. They’d succeeded, life would now be sweet for them at least enjoyable than it was. They all walked home that night- the four of them. Hand in hand. A quadruple.
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THE TWO FAMILIES gathered together celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary in the house of Isaac and Jessica Williams.
Carl and Shirley had to fly down from California to England with their daughters to get together with their friends.
“Clara!” cautioned Shirley, “don’t.”
The four year old didn’t listen to Shirley. She carried on and poured a cup of coffee on Jason’s hair. Soiling it. The once sparkling black hair turned into a mess, the strong smell of coffee on the hair irritated the young boy.
He shrieked loudly, catching the attention of everybody in the room. He ran to his mummy.
Shirley scolded her daughter, “Clara, I warned you, didn’t I?”
The little girl looked down, playing with her fingers. She hid her smile. “Jason started it. He put cobwebs on my hair,” she protested. “Look!” She showed her mother strands of her hair decorated with spider webs.
“Jason, is that true?” Jessica asked her two year old son.
He just mumbled some words, resting his head on her laps.
“I’ve warned you several times to stop picking on your juniors, haven’t I?” Carl interrupted. His gaze fixed on his little daughter sternly.
“Daddy, daddy….” she trailed off.
Carl shook his head and sighed. Raising a family is not easy. Its one hell of a job.
“Come here, all of you.” he ordered.
The four children trotted to meet him. He looked intently at them, studying them.
Clara, was the oldest, she had long brown hair, beautiful big grey eyes, pale skin just like her mother. The next, Isabella, she was Isaac’s and Jessica’s daughter, three years of age. Her black silk hair was tied up in a pony tail. Those eyes were the same as her father’s – blue. His youngest daughter, Sally, same age as Jason had the same hair as Clara, same eye color but she was more like him in attitude. She’d make a great cop. Jason, the trouble maker, had the same mischievous blue eyes as his father and sister. He had this innocent face which saved him from serious punishment even when he was guilty.
They all met his gaze as he studied them. They were always fighting. Leave all four of them together in a place, seconds later, it’ll turn into a battle field. They were quick to make up despite their frequent quarrels. They all looked like siblings. It was equally hard to spot the difference between them. They were a quadruple just like their parents.
He grinned, picking up Sally and Jason. “You two, follow me.”
They obeyed.
He beckoned to Isaac who had been quietly watching the scene. “Come help me with these kids. I gotta teach them something. Especially this stubborn daughter of mine who took after her mother.”
They all burst into laughter except Shirley who threw dagger looks at Carl. He was indirectly calling her stubborn.
Isaac took hold of the remaining two children and led them out. Carl was ahead of them, leaving Jessica and Shirley to themselves.
“Oh, so you’re a stubborn wife,” Jessica teased immediately when their husbands and children were out of ear shot.
Shirley glanced at her friend, “Carl is just confused, he doesn’t know how else to deny the fact that our daughter got her attitude from him.”
Jessica raised an eyebrow, “You bet.”
They giggled.
Minutes later, they were cracking jokes and laughing. They talked about everything, their whole life together. The whole trouble they passed through and how they were finally able to save eachother. It seemed their life had been a movies, but everything was back to normal.
“Bett sends his greetings.” Jessica breathed out, changing the subject.
Shirley grinned. “Bett, how’s he?”
“Good. he’s now a star, Hollywood’s Prince.”