Web Of Mistakes Episode 14


“They’ve been following us!” Shirley told Carl.
“I’ve noticed. Isaac warned us.” He could see the black SUV trailing behind them.
“Could he be there?”
Shirley gazed at Carl with love in her eyes. On their way to the Airport, he’d told her his feelings. He wasn’t sure if he’d survive but he’d die a happy death for her. He’d kissed her softly. She cried. She loved him too and wasn’t ready to lose him. Just as she risked her all for Jessica, she’d risk her life for him.
Tears dropped as she kept staring at him. The sound of a gun shot brought her back to reality.
“Shirley, duck!” Carl directed.
She insanely obeyed.
“There’s no time to switch positions, bring out your gun and fire!” he quickly commaned again.
Shirley took out the gun. “What if a stray bullet hit me?”
“You won’t die, you’re on bullet proof.” He increased the speed, driving recklessly. Screeches of the tyres could be heard.
The shooting stopped for a while. As it died down, Shirley tilted part of herself out of the car. Her head to waist out and her legs in. She fired five shots in rapid succession. She watched as a bullet hit the windscreen, half of it shattered, three sent two men down. She missed one.
Carl saw what she’d done and was proud of her. He grinned like an idiot. He peered into the road as he drove and saw a long vehicle ahead of him. He stepped on the brakes and swerved the car to the other side of the road.
Shirley was still out the window, she lost her balance as Carl braked the car, a bullet flew from the SUV, it hit her back. She shrieked loud. Carl swerved and she fell off the window into a nearby bush.
“Shirley!” he yelled.
He halted the car almost immediately. He got out with arms in his hand. He ran quickly to the direction she fell, he couldn’t find her. She’d rolled, rolled far away. More frustrating were the gun shots fired at that direction.
When Shirley fell from the car, her leg caught a can of diseal and it fell with her. It leaked. The bush caught fire.
Carl was devastated, rage boiled in him. He t—-t out his gun and began firing. He shot the fuel tank of the SUV and it immediately exploded, killing all in it. He quickly ran off into his car and drove as fast as he could leaving a cloud of dust and explosions behind. When he had gone far, he brought the engine to a stop. He rested on the steering wheel breathing very fast. He couldn’t believe what just happened. Couldn’t believe Shirley was dead. He cried gently. He wished he’d been the one to die, not her.
He roared, “Noooo!!!!!! Shirley!”
No matter how hard he screamed, he couldn’t wake her up. He hadn’t seen her body. No body to bury. He got angry more and more. He sought revenge. He was gonna kill the d–n Dominic, Richmond and Evan. He was still going to carry out Shirley’s wish, to save her best friend, he didn’t care about his life. He was now in Chicago. He had to get to the station, gather troops and find the b——s. This was the wedding day, they all had to be at a place.
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Jessica walked to Evan’s room. It was big and magnificent. Well decorated and designed. She smiled. The wedding hadn’t been much fun but it went well. She now had a new home and was about to start a new life.
There was a table placed at the center of the room. It had a chair with it. That was strange. She walked towards it and found scary pictures. There was one, a man with a mask, holding daggers. The rest were pictures of that same night. She could see herself scared to death. A cold chill ran down her spine. What were they doing here? “He will kill you,” Shirley’s voice came again. Jessica’s hands trembled. She saw pictures of Evan, his wife and children. He was married?
A note read:
‘You married death. Your worst nightmare.’
She screamed. Terrified, she tried to run out, as she got to the door,a huge male figure blocked her way. He held a gun to her head. It was Dominic. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She froze instantly on seeing him. Her eyes only moved.
“Get back and sit down there!” he commanded.
Her legs weren’t co-operating. She tried moving them, they stoold still.
“I said get back!” he barked.
Her body unfreezed, her legs moved this time and she quickly ran back to the table.
She sat.
Dominic sniffed. He smiled. “At last, it will all be mine. Hahaha…” he kept laughing devilishly.
Jessica kept watching him. Was this the Dominic she knew or someone else? Why was he acting that way? He plotted to kill her? How did he know Evan’s place? She’d never told him about it or her marriage.
“You must have a lot of questions, I presume. Well, before you die, you’ll get your answers.” He glared at her.
“Die?” she mumbled. Eyes filled with tears.
He smirked wickedly, “Yes, dear cousin.” He clapped his hands and two men strolled into the room. Evan and Richmond.
Jessica held her mouth, it almost dropped. “Evan? Richmond?” she managed to say.
They ignored her. They greeted the Boss and chuckled. He congratulated them.
Jessica was lost in thoughts. How did they know eachother? It was planned? Dominic had been with her the night she was almost killed, had he taken pictures, stayed behind to watch? He collects daggers. Could he have given the unknown man the dagger? She recalled the day she called Dominic using Isaac’s cell, she hadn’t glanced at it to know if it was actually the number. The sound of Dominic’s voice over the phone was threatening. Isaac immediately took the cell from her. He didn’t want her to know he knew her cousin? Isaac had warned her, the people around her are not who they really are. Shirley did too. She began to get the picture. She sobbed bitterly. It was all a plan. Her life was already upside down. She’d been a fool. She let them use her, how could she have been so blind not to notice?
“How could you? What on earth did I do to you all for you to hurt me like this, even want my life?” she asked confused.
Dominic answered her questions.
“You didn’t do much? You are the replica of your father whom I didn’t love much. He had everything, we didn’t.”
“He took care of you!” she angrily threw at him, “Giving you virtually everything you asked for.”
“Yeah, yeah. He did. I was closer to uncle Simon. He got me to hate your dad. We killed him.”
Jessica’s shock and sobbing intensified.
He went on. “He gave nothing to uncle Simon, I supported him. Your dad gave you everything including that house, I loved it so much.” He blew his gun. “We took an oath never to mention it to anyone that we’re both the heirs of your father. You didn’t keep to that.”
The room was quiet now. Only Dominic’s voice could be heard.
“You told Shirley, I had to kill you. I sent Bett, he couldn’t do a thing. I had to map out another plan and it worked perfectly.
“Assuming it wasn’t your dad who fathered you, you’d probably not be facing all these. I’m sorry dear cousin, you have to go now.” He pointed the gun at her.
“You can go ahead and kill me!” she shouted. “Then you can kill my mother and brother. You’re a b—–d, you killed my father! A man who took care of you. We treated you like family. You were part of us. You’re a beast. You don’t have a heart. I hate you!
“Isaac didn’t want to kill me,” she turned to Richmond and Evan, “Those were your wedding pictures, you faked it all. I had trusted you and let you into my heart. I made a mistake, I was born a mistake, grew up with you, Dominic,” she pointed a finger at him, “a mistake. 
My fortune a mistake, my stupid decision a mistake. I am a mistake!” she raised her voice, crying. “That’s what you mean. If my friends, family and whole life were on a scheme, I’m definitely a mistake.”
“Hush!” Dominic shut her up, “Your mother and brother are not like your dad. You’re like him.”
“I’m sorry, Jessica, the money was good. I couldn’t say no. My getting employment at that hospital was Dominic’s doing. We wanted to keep an eye on you. I value the money than you.” Richmond eyed her.