Unleashed Desires Episode 7


Madam Amaka laid flat on the floor with her head supported on the soft pillow. I sat happily on the floor and kept robbing her legs and laps. All she did was stare aimlessly at the ceiling. She looked like one who was in deep thoughts.

After minutes of pressing her toes and legs, she finally pulled it backwards.

“Wale it is okay. Take the plates to the kitchen, Come and lie on my chest and lets sleep.”

She said sweetly.

I stood up and dashed to the kitchen like one who was offered free biscuits. I returned in seconds and walked to Madam Amaka. She stretcher her legs wide and tossed her body left and right searching for a comforting position to lie on.

“Oya lie down on me.” She said.

I wish I knew the reason she said those words to me. Till this very moment, I still regret why I never left for my house that very day. I wish I had someone to tell me to go home. I wish I had someone who could walk in to stop her.

I innocently laid down on her body. I was enjoying the comfort of her breast upon my head. It was softer than my pillows I had on my bed.

Madam Amaka held me on my back with her both hands. She placed her hands under my shirt and robbed me gently while I struggled to sleep.

I was enjoying the touch of her fingers on my head. She practically combed my head with her long nails, and gave me a soft scratch too.

I loved the feel of her body on my skin. Madam Amaka’s hands ran through my back and into my buttocks. She grabbed it firmly and I loved its warm feeling.

“Wale suck mummies ears a little na.” She said.

I Immediately reached for her ears and s—-d it like the child I was. I thought I was doing her a favour. I thought I was only making her happy. I felt it was just a mare play between Madam Amaka and I.

She turned the other ear and I dipped my tongue in it and wiped off every wax from it. I became her ear bud that practically cleaned up every angle if her ears with my small tongue.

Her moaning made me suck harder. It showed she was enjoying it. As I s—-d, she squeezed me harder on her chest soft breast.

“Wale come and suck my breast.” She beckoned in a whisper.

I still remember when my mother used to tease me with her breast. She would sometimes playfully ask me to come suck her breast, and when I ran towards her, she would spank my bum and tell me I had already grown passed that age.

She will tell me that her breast was meant for my future siblings and not me. I would then lay on her chest shyly.

This time, Madam Amaka was offering me a rare opportunity to mount her huge melons and suck upon them.

She gradually pushed my head from her ears when I refused to stop, and led me to her hard pointed nipples which was already exposed.

I s—-d like one who was drawing water from a pipe with his mouth. I s—-d like a hungry child who sees its mothers breast unveiled from her braziers. I s—-d so hard. I was sucking a breast that had no milk in it. Yet it felt sweet. I loved the feeling of nipples in my mouth.

I felt my erection for the first time in my life. But then, my tiny penis was just as small as a man’s index fingers. It was hard yet lifeless.

Madam Amaka pushed her hands through my trousers and felt my penis with her hands too. She tossed me on the floor and made me lie still. She brought down my trousers and saw my tiny penis pointing upwards.

She gave me a look, pulled off my trousers and flung it towards the cushion. She loosened her wrapper completely and mounted me like a hungry lion.

I felt the tiny me slide into a wet palace. It was a kingdom I had never felt before. She kept going up and down my body. She rolled her waist like a pornstar. She rolled it like one who dances in a strip club.

She fumbled with her breast as I watched her helplessly.

“Wale are you enjoying what mummy is doing to you?” She asked.

I starred at her not knowing the right answer to give her. I didn’t know what I was feeling anymore. All I felt was pain on my penis. The already shaved hairs on her shaved palace brushed upon mine causing so much hurt and pain.

I closed my eyes tightly and clinched to my self. She never stopped. She never just never did. She moaned so hard; really hard. She robbed her head and breast while she twisted and wined on my penis.

I was ten years old. I was innocent. I was taken advantage of by the one whom I loved most. The one whom I cherished. The one who was just like a mother to me.

I opened my eyes. I could not bare the pain any longer. I felt like crying but the tears couldn’t come out. My mouth could not just open.

“Mummy it hurts me. It is paining me.” I spoke with a tiny voice almost going into tears.

She never stopped.

“Mummy will soon finish. Hold on. Hold on. Just a minute. One more minute. My boy. Just one more minute.” She said.

Her words and moan became like a song in my ears. Soon she gave a loud scream. It sounded like a moan. It sounded like a cry. It was a mixture of all. It felt like something had gotten into her. It felt like she was suddenly posses by a demon of some sought.

“O my God.”She screamed loudly in my ears as she increased her speed and wined even faster.

Madam Amaka suddenly spilled out hot urine on my body, wetting the rug and my belly too. She fell flat on the floor and laid like a tired donkey.

“Mummy you urinated on my body.” I said with a tiny voice.

“Sorry my dear. I have not had such sweetness in a very long time. This was the longest Pleasure I enjoyed.” She said. “When you are much older you will understand what just happened to me.” She added.

Madam Amaka stood up and lifted me from the floor. She took me to the bathroom where she turned on the shower.

“Wale take the sponge and soap and hand it over to me.” She instructed.

I handed over the soap and sponge to her and she rubbed it together until it had formed a good amount of suds.

That day, Madam Amaka bath me. She washed me clean and oiled my skin with her sweet scenting oil.

“Wale did you enjoy your stay with me today?”

“Yes mummy Amaka I did.”

“if your mother ask you what we did together, what will you tell her?”

“Emmm…. I will tell her that I massaged your legs, your back and s—-d your ears. Then you pulled off my trousers and was dancing on my junior.”

Madam Amaka quickly dragged me to the cushion.

“Shut up your mouth.” She fired angrily at me. Do you want me to kill you? Eh? Do you want to die?”

“No mummy Amaka.” I replied, shaking my head in terror.

“Now if you tell your mother that rubbish, I will kill you. Don’t ever tell her what we do together. Don’t ever try it. Do not.” Madam Amaka warned.

“Yes mummy Amaka.” I replied almost in tears.

“As long as you keep this secrete between just you and I, I will make sure you enjoy me. I will take care of you just like your own mother. I will buy you toys. Do you like toys?”

I nodded my head and wiped the tears from my eyes.

“What Kind of toy do you like?”

“I want you to buy me tom and Jerry toy. Or motor car.”

“I will buy you motor car okay. Just ensure you keep our secrete save. When your mummy ask you what we did, tell her we slept on the floor all through and watched TV together. .”

“Yes mummy.” I replied.

Madam Amaka robbed my head with her hands.

“Oya go home now let me rest. I am tired.” She said.

That day I walked out of madam Amaka’s house an abused child. What did I know? I felt she was doing the right thing. She promised me toys and I innocently smiled to it.

I needed the toys no doubt. I was willing to pay the price for them. I was willing to keep our small secrete. But most especially, I was scared of spilling a secrete that may cause my life.

To be continued….