Unleashed Desires Episode 14


I watched as Patricia picked her steps carefully. Just as Mama had noticed, Patricia’s bum had increased and her breast was even more bigger in size. Guy

“This girls of now a days. I am sure she must have been bringing boys into Madam Amaka’s house while she was away. Or probably she was visiting boys.”

“Ah Mama. What if she was preganant before she came. May be that is why Madam Amaka brought her in the first place.”

“Pregnant? I do not think Madam Amaka could bring any pregnant lady to her house o. Well, I cannot certainly tell. But I will make sure I let Madam Amaka know immidiately she returns.”

My heart skipped. I became tensed. I did not know why. But deep down inside, I knew I was scared for Patricia. I couldn’t imagine her getting pregnant. She was the one lady I had great admiration for.

“Mama when is she coming back? I mean Madam Amaka. When?”

“She shall return today. She called me last night to ask how you were doing. Once Madam Amaka comes back, I shall let her know immidiately.”

Patricia walked pass us again as we were both talking with Mama. Her head was fixed to the floor as she walked. She didn’t look in our direction and I knew she didn’t want to meet my eyes.

“See her. See her. Chai. Children of now adays. Look at her. She is pregnant. Patricia is carrying a baby in her womb.” Mama muttered in disgust.

I felt like following Patricia to confirm from her myself, but I was scared. Patricia will never speak to me. She would simply walk into her house and shut the door.

I had to wait until Madam Amaka returned. Only then will I have an opportunity to walk into her house and probably talk with Patricia.

Later that afternoon, Madam Amaka drove by. I sighted the tyres of her car smarred with mud. The body of her car was dirty. She had traveled a long distance. I was happy to see Madam Amaka. No doubt, I had missed her. This was the longest time I ever spent without seeing her.

Mama also heard her car drive pass our house.

“Wale, is that Mummy Amaka.” Mama shouted from the kitchen.

“Yes ma. It is her.”

“Wowww. I need to see her. I need to welcome her.” Mama said. She sounded very happy.

I quickly put on my slippers and ran over to Madam Amaka’s house. I needed to see her first before Mama came with her talk and gist. I also needed to see Patricia too.

On reaching her house, I knocked on the door.

This time, I was sure of it being opened to me. Just as expected, Patricia opened and popped her head out.

“Yes. What do you want now?” She asked.

“I want to see Mummy Amaka. She is back. I saw her car drive in.”

Patrica left the door open and walked away heading for her room. I simply walked over to Madam Amaka’s bedroom and jabbed it open. Madam Amaka quivered in fear and struggled to cover her breast which was exposed with the blankets.

“Wale you should have knocked.” She muttered with a frown.

“When did I start knocking before I enetered your room? You left for your husbands side without even telling me. Not even a phone call to me. Why?”

“Wale. Wale I told you that we should keep things on a low. I do not want anyone to suspect anything.”

“That was why you could not even call me? Not even a word.”

“It was urgent Wale. I am sorry. It was urgent. My late husbands mother died. I had to go there. Tunde was her only child. I had to pay her that respect.” Madam Amaka explain.

I heaved and sat down on the bed. Madam Amaka looked changed. She looked reduced and pale. It was obviously caused by the stress of the journey.

“Why don’t you look happy. You don’t even look happy to see me.” I asked.

“Wale. There is a problem. I have just been in thoughts ever since I left.”

“Mummy what problem is that? Tell me.”

“Madam Amaka tied her wrapper to her breast and sat on beside me.”

“Wale I am pregnant.”

“Whattt?” I shouted jumping off the bed. “How? When? for who?”

“What kind of stupid question is that? Do you think I sleep around with men? Who else got me pregnant if not you.” Madam Amaka said with her head turned the other side.

I was stunned. I knew I was finished. This was the end of me. My father was going to know about this and he will kill me. My mother was definately going to know also. She would be so disapointed in me.

I stood there asking myself questions. Reality had now downed on me.

Was I going to now marry a 50year old woman who was old enough to be my own mother? Was I going to be a father of a child I was not even ready to take care of. What will my parents do to me? How will they react? How will my family take me?

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“I am finished. Wale you are finished.” I muttered in whispers.

“What do you mean by you are finished. I am the one carrying your child. I am carrying the baby. I am the one who is finished here. What will I tell people ?. How will I tell people I got pregnant. For who will I say impregnated me. A nineteen year old boy? I am the one who is finished Wale.”

“You see what you put me through? You see? So you plan on keeping the baby?” I shouted.

“Wale I will keep the baby. I will. I cannot abort it. Tunde never gave me a child. You have given me one and this is going to be my last child. It will be hard at first but I will scale through. I realised that this child is God sent.”

“What do you mean by you will scale through? No no wait. You are only trying to be selfish here. You have always been a selfish woman. You think only about yourself. What about me? What about my future? You completely want to destroy my future. You want to put me to shame.

You should have stopped many years ago. You should have set me free many years back. You should have not abused me sexually when I was just Ten years old. We should have ended this. If only you did, you would not be pregnant for me. Now you plan to keep a child I am not ready for. You plan to raise a child that would one day call me father. You plan to keep this pregnancy. Why ? Why?” I cried out in pains.

Tears cascaded down my cheeks and I knelt to the floor covering my face in shame.

“Now I realise what I have done to myself. I realise what a fool I am. I realise that I have destroyed my life with my own hands. I regret everything.”

“Wale shut up. You talk like you never enjoyed me. You willingly had sex with me countless times. Stop making it feel like I am the one. I paid you for your Job. I gave you good money. I bought you gifts. I paid your fees. I deserve you. I deserve this.”

“I never enjoyed it.” I shouted in defence. “I never enjoyed. Don’t tell me that I enjoyed sleeping with you. Don’t tell me that I enjoyed it when you pulled down my trousers and mounted me at nights before I went home.”

“Then why didn’t you say a word? Why didn’t you tell your parents? Why? You are just a fool. An ungrateful fool who is trying to deny the truth.”

“My mother trusted you. My father was a strict man. I could not betray my mother. I was also scared of my father. I had no one to tell. No one. I never enjoyed sleeping with a woman as old as you.”

“Shut up Wale. It is your own mother that is old. Do not insult me. I will kill you. I will just kill you now.” Madam Amaka shouted.

Just then, the bedroom door opened. I quivered in fear as I watched Mama walk in with tears in her eyes. Mama had been listening to us all along. I had never seen my mother cry so badly before. Madam Amaka slowly bent her knees to the floor while my mother starred speechlessly at the both of us.

“Mama I am sorry. I am sorry mama.” I pleaded with my knees on the floor.

To be continued.