Saved By Sin Prologue


Cars, Bikes, Trucks could be clearly seen trooping in and out of the University of Benin popularly known as UNIBEN, songs from different choirs could be heard from all angles of the university, it was another Sunday morning.

Among these choirs is that of the popular Catholic Church, Saint Albert Catholic Church. The parish priest as usual stood on the alter and nodded his head to the soul winning song being sang by the choir, he had the microphone close to his mouth signifying he was ready for the homily.

“ oh take me aaaaaaas I am, Oh take me aaaaasss I am, my lord Jesus, Christ died for me, lord take me aaaaas I am” the choristers sang on. The back door of the church suddenly flung open to reveal a young guy and girl, in the hand of the guy was a small pistol, the girl held him by the other hand and led him into the church, tears could be seen pouring down his small eye.

The congregation needed no prophet to tell them to run as they began to jump the well-arranged benches all towards the exit door. Only the priest and some elders remained, the elders were old men and their old age would not allow them run, they decided to stay and face whatsoever might happen, it wasn’t their will.

The priest on his side knew he should not run, what will the people say about him? That the great Reverend Father Charles also fled from the church alongside the congregation on the arrival of the Major hit man of the “Night Crawlers”, Gabriel Eugene.

The priest remained standing on the alter holding the Microphone tight to his hand and looking bold as Gabriel approached him with the girl who was dressed like a complete church girl, nevertheless, he continued to mummer the catholic prayer “hail Mary…..” .

At last the deadly hit man of the Night crawlers got to the alter with his girlfriend Queen by his side, he took a look at the gun and threw it to the alter,

“Father forgive me for I have sinned” he cried kneeling in front of the parish priest, “This is my first confession since my baptism” he cried the more.

Father Charles took a look at him, he was obviously surprised seeing the well-known killer begging for forgiveness, he knew how much havoc he had caused and fear he had put in the hearTz of the student, if it was in his power, he would pray to God not to forgive him but he is a man of God.

“May the good lord forgive you your sins in the name of the father, son and holy spirit” the priest did a sign of the cross at him, “go and sin no more” the priest added.