Unleashed Desires Episode 15


Mama slowly shut the door and stood right infront of us.

“Wale shut up your mouth.” Mama fired at me angrily. I bowed my head in shame. “Mummy Amaka, what have I done to you in this life? What? Why have you chosen to hurt me? Why have you chosen to make me cry? Why have you chosen to break the trust I had for you.

“I am sorry. Mama Wale I..”

“Keep quite and let me speak. I do not want to hear anything from your adulterous mouth. So all this years, all this years I took you as my closest friend, all this years I let my son come and stay at your place, all this years he slept in your house, all this years you came to pick him up in the name of him keeping you company, so you were sleeping with him? You were sexually molesting a small boy. You were fumbling with an amatured boys penis. You were having sex with my son from his tender age of ten. Eh? Amaka.

So you could actually stoop so low to let a 10year old boys penis dance in your v—-a while you watched? I thought you were a Christian? I thought you were God fearing?

Amaka you are wicked. You are very wicked. You are a witch. A grown witch. What if another man does this to your daughter? What if another man haves sex with your own daughter? What will you do if you find out she was molested by a man at the age of ten? What? Tell me you prostitute.” Mama thundered almost hitting Madam Amaka with a chair.

I rushed to hold mama. I was standing inbetween her and Madam Amaka. My eyes was filled with regrets and tears.

“Mama I am sorry. I am sorry I never told you all this years. I was scared that this will happen. I didn’t want to destroy your friendship with her. I was scared of telling papa too. It is my fault mama. Please forgive us. Please forgive me. Mama I beg you.” I pleaded with tears in my eyes.

“Wale you are very stupid. So you kept quiet all this while. Now you tell me you were scared? scared of who? Scared of me? Your own mother? Will I kill you? Will I slice your throat if you had told me what this witch was doing to you? Will I?” Mama fired at me.

“Mama I am sorry. Please.”

Mama pursed as if to calm herself. She turned her face the other way and turned back again.

“So Wale got you pregnant? So you are carrying my sons child in your womb?” Mama asked in whispers.

Madam Amaka nodded. She had cattarh in her nose. I could see the warm tears wash down her black eye pencil on her eye lash. Madam Amaka was sobbing.

While I starred at her, I wondered if she actually regretted her actions, or she was just acting up. I wondered if she felt pity. I wondered if she felt even the slightest remorse for her actions. She had so much innocence on her face. At some point I felt pity for her. But I was not deceived. I knew that deep down in her heart was a heart of wickedness and pretence.

Mama was filled with so much rage and anger. She was boiling in fury.

“So you want me to have a grandchild from a fifty year old woman like you? You want to put me to shame.

Ahhh. Mummy Amaka.

I took you just like a sister to me. I took you as my best friend. I could never cook without remebering you. I called you mummy because I respected you. I respected you so much. I prayed for you everyday.

I still remeber how I mourned when your husband died. I mourned on your behalf. I mourned like it was my own husband who died. I felt so much pity for you. Hence I could not spend time with you as much as I wanted to, I let Wale spend time with you. I wanted him to keep you company so that you will not think much.

Little did I know that all this while you were sleeping with my son. My good was repaid with evil.

How did it feel? No tell me. How did it feel when you held a child of ten years, a child you help train. Only to fixe his manhood in your v—-a. How did it feel? You daughter of Jazebel.” Mama shouted furiously.

She picked the bottle of coke on the table and pushed me aside. Before I could regain my balance, Mama landed the bottle on Madam Amaka head. Madam Amaka gave a loud scream and crashed to the floor like a vegetable.

“Ah Mama. Mama. You killed her.” I screamed rushing to hold onto the head of Madam Amaka. I placed her head on my laps and cried out like a child. My hands were stained with blood.

Mama was stunned. She stood with her hands on her head. I was the cause of it all. I knew I was the cause. I blamed myself. I blamed my actions. If not for me, this wouldn’t have happened. Mama wouldn’t have smashed Madam Amaka’s head with a bottle. I feared that my mother was going to be jailed, living my father to wallow in loneliness because of my own stupidity and negligence.

All the anger was washed away. All the pains suddenly went silent. The tension died down instantly. Madam Amaka still had breath in her. She was still gasping for air with her eyes wide opened.

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Just then, Patricia ran into the bedroom in a rush. She must have heared Madam Amaka’s scream from her bedroom.

“O my God. Mummy.” Patricia shouted in pains. She cried out in tears. “Who did this? Who did this to you? Mummy. Who?” She asked in terror.

I watched as Madam Amaka drew Patricia’s head closer. She robbed on it like it were a puppy’s head.

“Mama Wale. I never got to introduce my daughter to you. I wanted it to be a surprise. Meet my daughter Anike. Her second name is Patricia. She is my only child.”

“Mummy. Mummy lets go to the hospital
Help my mummy.” Anike shouted.

Madam Amaka held Anike’s hands and stopped me as I was about to get up. She looked into Anike’s eyes and drew her close to kiss her forehead.

“Anike, I love you and I want you to know I do. I have done some crazy things I still regret till this moment. I am sorry. My past has finally come to hunt me. I do not want you to end up the same way I ended up. I do not want you to make the mistakes I made. I pray you do not face what I face. I am sorry I disappointed you.” She said.

She turned her gaze to Mama and sobbed.

“Mama Wale. There is no amount of sorry that will cover up for the sins I have committed. I am sorry. I have sinned against you and God. Please forgive me. I never realised just how much harm I have caused until this moment. I am sorry.”

Madam Amaka looked up at me and held my cheek. She wiped the tears cascading from my eyes with her hands.

“Wale do not cry. If there is another life, I wouldn’t make the mistake I made when I subdued you into sleeping with me. I shall live the rest of my days in my grave regretting my actions towards you. I want you to find a way to forgive me. I am sorry. You were right. We should have ended this long time ago. But I was selfish. I cared about my emotions more than yours. I was carried away. Forgive me Wale. You are still my son, and I love you dearly.

After those touchy words, Madam Amaka slowly shut her eyes. She died. She died in my own arms. She died with my hands stained with her own blood.

I cried out loudly.

Anike cried out in pains. She high Jacked my cloths and shouted.

“Wale what did you people do to my mother? You both killed my mother. You raped me and got me pregnant and then you both killed my mother.” She screamed. “I hate you. Wale I hate you.” She thundered bitterly.

“You were the one who impregnated her? Wale. you again?” Mama echoed.

To be continued……