Twins Episode 9


Jake paced around the hospital passage as he waited for Isabel to give birth. He had to be around even when he felt he didn’t want to. He saw a nurse walk out of the delivery room and rushed to her, surprised at his own reaction of wanting to know about a child he was trying to pretend he never cared about.

“How is it going sister? Is my wife okey?” he asked her

“Take is easy sir, I have good news for you, and your wife has just given birth to a bouncing baby girl. Congratulations you are a father now” she smiled at him.

“ oh that’s good am relieved. “Jake sighed deeply

“Can I see them now?” he questioned

“Sure thing sir, just go in there and cerebrate your bundle of joy” she jiggled her head

“Thank you “Jake looked at her.

He strolled inside his heart beating fast. Coming to the full view of the now smiling Isabel, he smiled back. The sight of the tiny baby in his arms after Isabel handed him the baby was so breath taking, he gently held her and smiled his honesty smile. She looked so serene and small he could feel emotions he had never felt before rising up.

“She is so beautiful my love, oh my God look at that face, she looks like my mother” he laughed softly his muscle hands wrapped around the baby. Jake sat next to Isabel who was laying down resting.

“ thank you for being strong and giving Mike this bundle of joy Isabel, I don’t know, I feel what I have never felt in a long time.” He spoke with sincerity.

“Well Mike, you deserves it” she teased following the way Jake mentioned his brother’s name without comprehending he did, of course she assumed he was just referring to himself. Isabel noticed how silent Jake had become all of a sudden, he was staring at the baby in his arm like he didn’t want to let her go, and she wondered what had gotten into him. In a long time she noticed that face she knew of Mike, he looked so calm and composed, she took time checking him out. He was clad in a muscle t-shirt which displayed his masculine body, his face a bit messy but she liked it. Mike had always kept a clean shave but now she realized this Mike was somehow not so peculiar about shaving. She took her eyes up his cheek and noticed a small cut on the corner just before the ear, smiling to herself as she had never seen that before. She desired to say it but seeing how calm and peaceful he looked with the baby in his arms, she thought it wise to let it pass.

“Mike, are you okey?” she finally asked seeing some more minutes pass without him saying a word. He slowly turned to look at her and she noticed some water clouded in his eyes.

“What? You are crying? “She asked sitting up.

“Yeah, you know I have never felt this my whole life, it’s like something has just been lifted from my shoulders and my heart feels so much at peace it is hurting “he smiled allowing a tear fall of his eyes.

Isabel smiled and pulled him closer planting a kiss on his lips. “I know right, I feel it too, I guess that’s what being a parent is all about. Remember how much we planned to have this child. All the dreams of seeing her have come true and am glad to see you happy Mike. “She told him leaning her head on his shoulder as they both looked at the child.

Jake sighed wiping the tear and looking at the woman before her. He recalled how he had planned to get rid of her after the child was born and he got all the papers of inheritance Mike had signed changed, but now he was not so sure. She was a good woman for sure.

Every time Mwanida briefed him about what Isabel was doing and saying with her friends, he had realized that somehow she always looked at the best in him. Other women could have taken the advice of her friends and sister to leave him or act worst. He smiled honestly as he felt drawn to her. Her messed hair covering part of her face he pushed it aside and gently stroked her face.

“I think I love you Isabel” he looked into her eyes.

She laughed shaking her head, the sound of the words were like someone had just realized it after a long while.

“I love you my husband” she whispered receiving a gentle kiss from him.

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Three months later……

Jake was rushing to get home, he looked at a chain of vehicles ahead of him and sat back defeated. It was a Friday and as usual in Lusaka the roads where congested. He slowly drove following up the traffic in great east road as he thought about his life the past months. In his entire life he had never felt so contented. Isabel, was no longer talking about digging into his past according the maid.

Mwanida was just planted way before Jake escaped from prison, she was hired to be his eye in his brother’s house by the wardress he had killed afterwards. She would give him what he needed to know about Mike and his wife, telling him about her relatives and who he would come to face occasionary. Jake had come to learn that somehow Mwanida had a natural hatred for Isabel`s family. He started seeing how so comfortable she seemed around him but he had quickly put a stop to it, seeing how observant Isabel had become.

One day he came on to the sight of a well decorated bedroom, some rose petals sprinkled all around the room, Isabel had lit some scented candles and placed them one in the center of the room and for others in the corners. She had spread the bed with brand new sheets, white in color.

“My love what is this?’ he asked as she pulled in the bedroom as soon as he got in the house.

“Well I wanted to say I love you and thank you for being so good to us. I was worried of what was going on way before our baby was born but now am glad I have my husband back and this time he is far much better. “She smiled unfastening his shirt.

“But love, are you not supposed to be healing?” he asked looking at her lustful eyes.

“Am okey now that’s why I wanted this to be exceptional after 3 months of not being this close together. Today is our time and I asked Mwanida to stay with the baby” she shrugged kissing his chest lightly.

“ Mmmmm thanks this is so … I don’t know” he sighed with a smile.

“ just relax and let me take away the day`s stress” she pushed him to the bed and he let a soft laugh looking at her sexy lingerie, her stomach back to normal and her curves as perfect like he had never taken notice before.

“You are so beautiful” he whispered allowing her to caress his nipples as he watched, his hands spread.

“Oh my! Isabel you are killing me!” he gasped as she stroke his man with her tender hands and kissed him deeply making his breath grow deeper and intense.

She sat on him and worked her way to him driving him crazy. Without hesitation he joined her with all his heart making himself take all of her, for a moment he had forgotten he was an imposter. That his brother was taking his place, suffering in prison.

“how can I let all this good go away now? am sorry brother it’s too late now, am going to get all this and am not letting go” he whispered to himself turning Isabel down and taking control, he smiled when she moaned in pleasure holding him closer.

“I love you “he said it genuinely and with all honesty looking deeper into her eyes. She knew he was saying the truth and felt glad she chose him. The heights to which he was driving her was so much sweet and pleasant she was glad he has taken a turn in his love making skills.

“I love you more Father to my baby, my love and my world, Mike Chibende.” She whispered

Jake felt loved and at home, something he had never anticipated feeling especially with his brother`s wife. Initially it was all about getting back with Mike but now he realized he had fallen into his own trap. Love had won over his heart and every time he looked at her, he felt good and was not willing to let go. He knew the words of Mwanida were coming true.

“I see how you look at her Jake, it’s no longer the same. You are falling in love with your brother`s wife and it’s not good for us” she warned him.

“Leave me alone Mwanida, it’s not that. Am just trying to be good to her and the baby, she is innocent’ Jake argued but Mwanida caught him in his own lie telling him it was his excuse and he knew it.

“I will not let you harm my family Mwanida. Keep insisting on hurting them and I will personally take care of you. You know am not bluffing huh” he warned her and stormed out angrily.

“Maids!” he had spoken to himself stepping out of the kitchen.

Later after some rounds of love making like they just got married, Jake had walked out to see the baby, he had named her after his mother, Calling her Elizabeth.

He was lost in thoughts thinking about home, as he took a turn away from the main road going to Mean Wood where his house was when he saw a man stopped him. He looked at him through the side mirrors after passing him and realized the man had some kind of break down he had his vehicle parked aside the road.

“Okey this is a waste of time but maybe I can help” he sighed reversing seeing there was no other vehicle coming his way.

“Hey what happened sir, need help with anything?” he asked stepping down the car.

“Yeah I actually do” the man responded pulling a gun to his head.

“Woooo woooo hey man, what’s this? He lifted his hands stepping back.

“I know who you are Mike, you think you can fire me and get away with it?” the man with a deep voice spoke indicating for Jake to get into his vehicle.

“Do I know you man?” Jake shivered realizing he had no idea who the guy was. He was probably hired and fired by his brother and now he was caught instead.

“Calm down and tell me what you want bro” he pleaded as the man pushed him in the back seat of his car.

“You will soon know what I want Mike. Hey get his car let’s move” the man told his counterpart.

Twins continues…