Twins Episode 10


Isabel looked at her phone the third time. Her husband just called her an hour back telling her he was in his way. She shoved the though of him delaying assuming he was stuck in traffic it being a Friday.

” Mwanida put that food in the warmer down the stove, it’s seems Eliza’s father will had delayed in traffic today. I want him to have warm food” she told the maid who stood in front of her as Isabel changed the baby’s disposable nappy. She’s had just gone home from her work place.

” sure madam” Mwanida responded. She went to do as told and stood by the sink feeling upset. She had just talked to Jake about what was going on. Hating that the man she had secretly fallen in love with was no longer paying attention to her. The time he went to the house I had sneaked into her room more than 3 times. It was just an attraction since Jake claimed he felt uncomfortable being with his brother’s wife.

What he didn’t know however was that Mwanida had her hopes raised up, knowing if Jack could get rid of Isabel and her baby, she could take her place and become the woman of the house.

She shook her head at Jake’s last words to her on the phone.

” I have no idea what it is you want to come tell me Mwanida, I have told you time and again I dont want to hurt my family. So please let’s keep it cool as always. I give you your money and you keep it shut” he told her.

” it’s not your family Jake and you know that. Stop playing husband already ” she scolded him and he cut her.

” am almost knocking off, let’s talk when I come back. I will come to your room ” Jake said.

Now here she was thinking his delay was his way of escaping the issue and she was pissed. She grabbed a cup and smacked it to the wall it fall down with a step breaking sound.

” Mwanida what is going on there. ? ” Is a asked

” am sorry madam I dropped a cup ” she made a face as she bent down to pick the broken pieces.

” be careful there” was all that Isabel said and Mwanida bit her lip in anger. Hating her boss for taking away what she had given herself as hers


Jake was tied, his hands on his back and made to sit on the floor of a room inside some house he was taken to.

” I know you must think am being rude or something but I don’t remember who you are man or what I did to deserve this.” He spoke looking up at the man who was staring at him, his eyes red with anger.

” so you have suddenly lost yours memory huh?” The man responded casually.

” as a matter of fact yes. I had some kind of amnesia and sometimes I forget people’s faces ” he went on telling the same lie he had told everyone at Mike’s company.

” and you expect me to buy that nonsense?” He responded

” am not laying man, ask anyone about me from work they will confirm my words. I would not lie about something like that. ” Jake tried to reason with the man.

” okey, memory loss or not, you will pay for what you did last year. I had pleaded with you to consider me man. I begged you to give me another chance I had lots to sort out at home. What did you do you, fired me because of a simple mistake. How do you think I managed to survive that? My family had to go without food whilst you stay down in you poshy house enjoying yourself. People in that company work for you and you ought to respect them . But no, how would you know that when everything has always been provided for you on the silver platter ” the man shook his head.

” am sorry for that man, I am and honestly not sure how kidnapping me Will pay up for what I did. ” Jake shrugged this time with pride in his voice. He could see the anger in the man before him but knew his brother would have not fired him unless what he did was wrong and affected the business. He couldn’t get to ask what really happened knowing the man would simply think he was teasing him.

” you will use that phone to call your wife. Tell her to get us some cash or you will die. ” The man he had come to know as Simon told him seriously.

” I cant, Isabel can not give you that money because I will not let her do that. What is this? You are so lazy to find another job and you go about kidnapping people for money. The cops will catch you soon you will pay for this?”

Jake tried to get loose but the ropes where fixed tied. It was almost 23 hours and he knew Isabel was sick worried about him.

After hours of being held in captive, Simon came back and handed him the phone.

” tell your wife what I told you. We need 20 thousand before we let you go? ”

” or what?” He challenged him.

” or I kill you” the man whispered.

” listen I have killed a man before man, and I can see it in your eyes. You are just an angry man but you have no guts to kill a human being. Get these things off my hands and let me go ” he smiled teasingly.

Simon was puzzled, the Mike he knew was not that crazy. He wouldnt say such stupid things, so he wondered where he was getting the courage to challenge him even when he was tied up.

Without saying another word he grabbed the phone from Jake’s pocket and slid it open scrolling through the dail calls to see his wife’s number.

” my love finally you call? Am sick worried….”

” woman listen carefully, right away start organizing yourself for some money. I have your husband and will have him killed if you don’t have a K20, 000 by 9am tomorrow ” Simon threatened

” who are you and why are you having my husband’s phone. Please give it to him now ” she cried.

Simon placed the phone on Jake’s ear.

” Isabel don’t listen to him love, I will be fine !” Jake yelled before Simon could withdraw the phone.

” you have up to tomorrow morning Mrs or else..” he cut the call throwing the phone on the bed furious.

” you are crazy if you think I will allow you to eat my money you fool” Jake shook his head.

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The following morning Isabel prepared herself to get to the bank, she asked Mwanida to make sure the baby was kept inside and safe as she left worried the kidnappers would attempt to get to the house too.

” call me immediately you notice something out of the usual I will be back soon. I will have to get the money for those criminals before they harm my husband ” she added.

She was lost in thoughts worrying about her husband as she got to Manda Hill mall to get the money when she saw Esther walking towards the same direction with a woman who she assumed was her daughter or someone close to her judging by the way they were chatting and laughing as they walked.

” that woman again” she hurried wanting to speak to her. Her intention however was just to apologise for Her husband’s behaviour the other time and greet her.

” am glad you stopped me my child. I have been meaning to talk to you but I never had a chance to see you again. Neither did I get your address” Esther started holding her by the hand leading her to sit.

” am sorry mama, I would really want to have this chat with you but I have to go, something happened with Mike and I am here to get the money to help him out” she looked at the old woman.

” what happened to that boy?” She asked not believing her words assuming Jake was probably pulling a fast one on his wife.

” okey I will not ask what this is about judging by your facial expression, But find time we talk my dear child. It’s about Jake and if you want the truth do not tell him you met me here. Just make sure you call me so we meet. She told her giving her the phone so Isabel could get her line.

” take care of your child and yourself, I hope your husband is okey” she added when Isa gave her back the phone and started walking away to the bank.

She kept thinking about the name Esther had mentioned . ” who is Jake? Why does that woman seem serious about talking to me?” She wondered as she waited for the teller to transact her request to withdraw the money.

I have the money please don’t harm him she quickly picked the call as she walked back to the car.

” my love its me. I managed to escape but I have to get my car back. Let me get back to you and don’t report to the police yet” she heard him panicking on the other end.

” thank God you are alive and well Mike I couldn’t sleep and I have just withdrawn the money. Now what is that about me not telling the cops about what happened ?” She asked

” just don’t do it I will come sort it out soon. I have to go now !” He added and she looked at the phone in her hands surprised . Jake had used a different number, he sounded like he was running. She felt worried still but relieved he was no longer in the hands of the kidnappers.

She slowly drove back home her mind filled with different things now. ” Why won’t he involve the police after such a huge thing?” She asked herself in particular after narrating to her sister what happened to her husband.

” I don’t know my dear sister, maybe he has a criminal record too” Jane teased with a laugh.

” don’t even start with your bad mouthing my husband please, not today ” she held her head.

” am sorry sis, dont worry he will be okey” she patted Isabel’s hand seeing how worried she was.

They waited for another hour or so and finally she heard a loud knock on the door.

Mwanida went to check on the gate and Isabel startled seeing Jake walk to the door looking dirty and tired.

” Mike oh my God! You are back!” she ran to him hugging him closely.

Twins continues…Next weekend


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