Twins Episode 12


” can you first of all tell me how your baby is?” Esther started, after ushering Isabel into the house. She had called her a couple of days after Esther came back from seeing Mike from jail.

” She’s fine mam thank you for asking” Isabel responded with a calm smile settling herself into a brown couch with some soft forms. She’s let her chitenge cover her feet as she sat in a respectful way before an elderly woman.

” mmmm, I thought it was a boy . Well, it’s a blessing to have a child and am proud of you and Mike both” she giggled

” thank you ”

” can i see her? I mean do you have photos of her on your phone?”

” yeah sure” Isabel took here hand bag taking off the phone as Esther watched her in silence as she waited for her to slid the phone and later on handed it to her.

” that’s her. Her name is Elizabeth” Isabel added and Esther smiled.

” I know, Mike’s mother ” she handed her phone back and took a glass of water pouring some water from the small container served on the table.

” yes it is” Isabel gave a knowing look .

” how is your husband my child? ” Esther made a serious face.

” oh he’s okey, I know I acted up last time but it’s over now. His okey, he left for work this morning” Isa spoke with a tone of relief.

” mmmhmhmh that’s good. Tell me about Mike Isabel, can i call you that? She paused

” sure mama it’s definitely okey with me. ” she responded

Esther searched inside herself for better words to use as she thought of the plan Mike had suggested. He cautioned her to be careful lest Jake knew they were on him and did something crazy.

” I hope you did not tell him you are coming to see me” she asked before starting.

” not that am being impatient mama, but just get to the point already. You and Mike both behave awkward regarding each other. You seem to know more than you have mentioned to me on both occasions we have met, asking Mike he too gives me a different story concerning you of which I will not say simply because that is not the reason am here” Isabel spoke out with honesty.

” Well, I wish i had a better way of telling you this but I have limited options. I want you to first of all promise me, whatever I will tell you here you will dare not repeat it to anyone, not even your relative or anyone for that matter.” She started.

” okey, not even my husband? ” she stared at her in a questioning manner.

” especially not your husband my child ” she nodded clearly.

” I will judge by what you will tell me mama, I can not guarantee that I will keep a secret from my husband. I do not hide things from him. So tell what this is all about. I have stayed away from work today just to follow up on this and honestly I hope it was worth it” she spoke calmly.

” I understand am a stranger to you, you are probably wondering why I asked to speak to you. I don’t know if your husband told you about me or what he said but I raised them myself till they were old enough to take care of themselves. Their mother died a few years after I stopped working for her. We were close so much that it was no longer a work relationship between us but she was like my young sister. Elizabeth gave birth to twins and the man who was to marry her abandoned her before she could give birth. She took care of herself till she gave birth and later on hired me to help her as she had to go for work. So I was always like the second mother to the twins”

Esther paused to allow her story sink in Isabel as she looked at her paying attention to every detail.

” Twins?” She asked her with a deep look.

” yes twins, identical twins for that matter, it was hard for us to tell them apart. Sometimes even their mother found it hard to do so until after later in their lives. ” Esther smiled.

” what are you telling me ? My husband had a twin brother?” Isa sat up now wanting to hear it all.

” has, not had” Esther smiled.

” and he never told me this why?” Isabel questioned her.

” that my child you will have to ask him. My concern is about your wellbeing. You know, the thing is Mike’s twin is the exact opposite of him. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he has killed someone before. He is so irresponsible and they have never been on good terms with your husband. Mike always worked hard and fought through life’s challenges but Jake always wants to reap where he did not sow” she continued.

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Isabel was quite for a while, not knowing what to say or take from what she was just told. She tried to recall anything about Mike having a twin brother but nothing came up. She looked at the woman before her and could see she was not joking, her face was as serious as her words and she had a feeling there was more where that came from. So she rubbed her hands and cleared her throat before speaking.

” may I know why you telling me all this mama? The thing is, I will not judge Mike for hiding that so big thing from me. I will have to hear him out first. My own concern right now is to know why you took the trouble to reveal this to me”

” you are right. I will not tell you everything just now. I want you like I said to be careful. Jake was in prison and now is no longer there. So go home and find out who it is you are living with, try to figure things out by yourself when you think you are ready, let me know I will help you.. ” she looked at Isabel who had now made a face trying to get her point.

” owoo, slow down mama, you telling me that man, my husband’s twin is out of jail and now is threatening us? Why?” She stood up now, sweat building up on her forehead..

” because that is what Jake does, he has always made his brother’s life hell. I don’t know how, but go home and from tonight, observe anything unfamiliar about your husband, take time to see what he really is after and if you discover the truth call me”

” you are freaking me out right now mama, are you telling me there is a possibility that Jake is pretending to be my husband. What is wrong with you ? I don’t know what sounds crazy here, the story you have just told me or the fact that it’s coming from the woman who is old enough to know the difference between joking and being serious” she paced around holding her head, her mind playing the scenes with her husband for the past months.

” do I look like am joking ? ” Esther asked.

” no no no no, this cannot be true mmmm, it cant. I cannot be possibly be living with a killer in my house pretending to be my husband. I know him, we have been together for a period long enough for me not to tell my husband from another man. ” she cried, tears falling her face, she was failing to hold herself, her whole body shaking..

” I know it’s a lot to take in my child but you have to be strong. Jake cannot know you are aware of this or he will harm you and your child.” Esther spoke almost in whisper.

” stop it now mama, mmmmm just stop saying that. How on earth am I going to… oh my God I can’t take this anymore I have to go” she panicked grabbing her bag.

” Isabel please come back here you cannot go home like that it’s too risky” Esther tried to stop her but Isabel rushed out to her car. She could not take it any more and her heart was racing, she was failing to start the car the moment she was inside.

” come out, you calm yourself before driving that car Isabel, think of your child and your husband and stay strong for them” Esther knocked on the window to the car but she did not open for her.

Isabel was devastated crying as she tried to recall all the reasons Esther could be right. She wanted to ask what happened to her husband if Jake was faking being him but she had no courage to hear it.

” this is too much my God” she cried sniffing in the tears .

She inhaled deeply and pushed the keys to start the vehicle slowly driving out, without looking back at Esther who kept calling her name.

” it is not possible, how can two people look exactly the same” she whispered to herself trying to focus her mind to drive properly.

She was replaying all the awkward times she had wondered why Mike would act in a way. The small details he had forgotten like where he kept his work briefcase. How he barely wore the suits that he so much liked before.

Her mind replayed the time she found a plan paper with a lot of signatures. She had asked him why it seemed he was trying out his own signature and Jake had told her he was just playing around with a paper.

She sighed remembering his drastic turn in the love making. How so interested he was in making love to her as compared to before. The very thought of laying with a man who is not her husband broke her apart she let tears run down her face.

She had no idea what she was going to do. ” be careful Jake can do something crazy” the words of the Esther kept Ringing in her heard

Twins continues…