Twins Episode 13


Isabel parked outside the house scared of getting off the car not knowing how she was to face the man she assumed was her husband for months. Mike’s car was parked in the garage, an indication that he was around.

Her heart was racing when she finally decided to walk to the house. She had cleaned up her face making sure she looked herself but that did not work so good. The fear and curiosity inside her was displayed all over her face.

” hey my love, welcome back. I came back for lunch. Mwanida just told me you drove out. Why didn’t you go for work babe?” Jake asked with a smile hugging her but he felt her stiffen in his arms he quickly withdrew to look at her face.

” my love you look pale, are you okey?” He asked genuinely concerned.

” um aam ” Isabel cleared her throat trying to find her voice..

” am not feeling too well my love, I feel sick no wonder I skipped work today” she lied moving away from him but he quickly closed in on her holding her hand back.

” oh dear, am sorry love, but why didn’t you say anything this morning? Or better still you could have called me. What is the problem really?” He asked making her sit down in the couch and he sat behind her still wrapping his arms around her, she sighed looking up at him.

” Mike” she calls him almost in silence. It was as though she was trying to confirm who he was.

” yes my love talk to me. What is wrong?” He asked her looking deep into her eyes, his own eyes soft and gentle towards her she could not see the animal that Esther had mentioned earlier. The man before her had a gaze that she inside herself knew was filled with nothing but love for her.

There was this newness and strenght to his passion towards her she immediately was tied in a dilema. ” could it be true this man is not my husband? ” she asked herself still looking at him without words.

” love, are you okey? The way you staring at me it’s as though you are seeing me for the first time” he smiled kissing her hands as he held them both in his palms and gently rubbed his lips on her fingers.

” how am I looking at you Like?” She sighed accusingly without looking away.

” okey seriously tell me what is going on with you, this behaviour is strange” Jake sat back wondering if she was on to him.

” nothing My love. Do you trully love me Mike? ” she asked him this time tears threatening to spill off her eyes.

” Isabel come here” Jake stood up pulling her up. He led her to the bedroom and closed back the door behind him.

He sighed deeply and closed in to hold her as she remained standing without looking at him.

” Isabel, I know I acted in the past months. Trust me there is nothing I regret more than treating you badly. I love you and I have always done so. Since I met you at that wedding for my friend, you have been my woman and am not going anywhere. I want you to know that no matter what , you are mine am not giving you up for anything . You are mine now and forever. I would lie if I say am perfect but the only perfect and good thing about me is the love for you. So please never doubt that no matter what happens, I love you and that is the absolute truth” Jake gave his speech carefully picking each word. He deliberately mentioned where Mike met Isabel to try convince her. Isabel found it hard to trust Esther. She wondered if she was a genuine person given the history she had with her husband.

She could not see anything less of her husband at that moment and Jake knew he had her. She softened her eyes and let him rub her face stroking her chin.

” now tell me what is wrong love.” He smiled looking at her..

” um am am… ” she stammered not knowing what to say. She felt she had to give herself time to think through things before she could do anything she would regret.

” what?” He asked again.

” I have had a terrible headache Mike. I went to see the Doctor and he told me it’s stress. I bet I need to rest” she faked a smile .

” is it the baby? I always tell you to let me know when I could help you with Elizabeth mmmhmh. Stop working so hard okey. I want you to be healthy and stress free. Come here” he pulled here into a kiss and she leaned her head on him feeling his steady heart beat hitting her ear drum . Be it Jake or Mike , the man holding her that monent loved her and she could feel it in her heart.

Jake stroked Isabel to sleep and left her sleeping. He slowly moved down and pushed the hair coming on to her face aside displaying her deep and thick eye lashes. Her mouth closed still coloured in the purple dry lipstick she had on. He bent down kissing her forehead before walking out.

” what happened now?” Mwanida asked him upon seeing him walk out of the bedroom.

” none of your damn business Mwanida just take care of the baby and don’t disturb my wife. She is not feeling well. ” he spoke whilst moving.

” and one more thing, next time she goes out alone call me. Are we clear ?” Jake looked back at Mwanida.

” yes sir !” She teased with a laugh but he ignored her and walked outside. He sat in his car trying to recall what just happened.

” could it be that she knows?” He asked himself

” no she could have said something. Besides who could have told her?” He asked himself in a whisper .

He tried to think but he could not find the answer. Comforting himself with the fact that his manifesto lead her to believe him instead of whoever had filled her with wrong ideas who ever that could be. He was not going to take anything lightly, so He decided to get to his next plan .

” it’s time I set the records straight here. I need to warn my brother to refrain from messing up my plans if he is the one behind all this” Jake whispered to himself

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He drove out at a great speed. Going through some shops. he was glad he found what he was looking for. He bought some clothes befitting the description of an old man. He dressed himself up and covered his face with a moustache according to his plan B.

He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled.

” this is perfect father to Jake. Now you can go and see your son” he laughed and walked out the men’s room he did his changing from.

An hour later he was ushered in and he sat waiting for his brother to come forth.

” who are you?” Mike asked after sitting down staring at an old man sitting before him.

” am your father Mike.” Jake smiled.

” which father. My father died and as far as I know there is no brother of his alive that I would call father. ” Mike frowned staring deeply at the man and then he startled realising the disguised man was his brother.

” you b******! ” he climbed on top of the table to hit him but the guard rushed to them separating him from Jake.

” calm down Jake or we will take you inside and this will be the last time we allow a vistor to see you? The guard warned shaking Mike to calm him.

” this man is…”

” it’s alright my son. I understand my child is just agitated seeing his father here. You know he has always hated me for trying to put him in the right path and it seems he cannot stand me now” Jake faked an old man voice and looked at the guard.

” it’s okey father, we will be close by to watch this your estranged son” the guard smiled kindly at the asumed old man as he went back to his post.

” now listen you fool. I will not let you destroy my life like this you hear. I will die before i let that happen” Mike snarled angrily.

” calm down brother, calm down. Am taking care of your family now. You have nothing to worry about. ” Jake smiled leaning forward.

” she’s so beautiful, I mean your daughter she has eyes of my Isabel and our mother’s face. How about that, perfect right?” Jake smiled proudly.

” you are a sick human being Jake I don’t know why or how you became this cold blooded person. It’s like you and me where born from different mothers. Well enjoy it while it lasts. When my time comes to laugh then we will compare whose laughter will be harder. God will reward us each according to our deeds. I might look a fool today but I will emerge again and then, I have no words of describing the kind of punishment you will get you animal. ” Mike shook his head with so much anger.

” mmmmhmhmh. I like that you have started giving yourself some time to imagine things Mike. Well, let me not waste my time here I got a wife to rush to.

I came to warn you Mike. Who ever you sent out there to plant evil thoughts in my Isabel should be made to stop.” He paused seriously looking at Mike’s face.

” if not” he clicked his tongue.

” I will find the person and God help him or her what I will do. Secondly remember the life of your dear wife is in my hands. Mess me up and you will have nothing to fantise about. I will first kill the mother then leave your child in the streets to the dogs” He nodded his head his mouth patted as he confirmed his threats.

” I don’t know what you are talking about. Isabel will soon know who you truly are. She will, I can assure you no matter how much of me you pretend to be Ja…..” he couldn’t finish his sentence and Jake cut him.

” I came to warn you and am not coming back this peaceful next time. You know am not playing, so better put your balls in one place and enjoy prison life. This is where you belong now brother and in here you will die” he smiled looking around the place and standing making Mike shake in anger and clenching his fist trying to control himself.

” she loves me more in bed. She tells me am so goooood! you have no idea what pleasure am having brother ” he added in a whsiper and walked away. Mike wanted to rush to grab and hit him but the guards held him back.

” be gentle with my son please” he teased walking out of the visiting room as Mike screamed in anger.

” leave my family alone you b******!” He yelled and kicked as they led him back inside.

Twins continues…