Twins Episode 11


Mike was laying down on his cell bed, he was taking the much needed rest after a day’s work. It was the 9 months since his brother switched him. The noise that was coming from the back of the building of some guys who were playing some inside games and others working in the prison workshop made it impossible for him to take some sleep. He therefore kept his eyes staring at the roof of the cell.

Watching the words painted on the wall of his cell “the lord is my shepherd, I shall not want” he whispered the words and sighed. The words that followed were faint and he could not read them but surely knew how the verse was completed. He hoped indeed the Lord will lead him out of the prison he was tied in and give him back his life. He allowed himself get back in time thinking of the days when he had a talk with Esther.

He had visited her after Jake was imprisoned to tell her what had happened.

“The moment your mother died and Jake refused to come live with you or your father I knew he was going to lose it. You boys are twins yes, but you are the exact opposite of each other. Since you were months old, I could see that stubbornness in your brother and you on the other hand, was always composed and quiet. Am sad that even in growing up Jake has chosen a wrong path of life” she had complained shaking her head.

“But how is he coping in there?” Esther asked him

“Well, he blames me for everything and won’t answer me when I ask how he is whenever I go to see him, so I guess he is not so well” Mike sighed shaking his head.

“My son, I know you, do not beat yourself over what your brother has done, his own actions took him to jail, and what he was doing with gangsters in the first place if I may ask”

“I have no idea aunty Esther, he never says anything sensible to me, except that it was self defence” Mike complained.

“Be careful my son, Jake has always seen you as an adversary and now he is filled with hatred, God knows what he is planning in there” she shrugged in worry.

Mike had always been visiting Esther briefing her about what was going on in his life till she was taken to stay with her daughter when she found a job outside the country. Mike sighed deeply wishing Esther would miraculously return and maybe decide to pay him a visit so he tells her what was going on. The guy Ken had promised to help him sort the issue had seemed to vanish in thin air and never returned to see him, he assumed they needed an immediate payment instead of what he had offered them after he managed to get his freedom back.

Mike was now starting to feel sleepy when he heard a loud bang on the bars. Someone was coming his way and he quickly sat up.

“Hey move it, you have a visitor” the guard shouted indicating for Mike to move,

“A visitor? “He asked himself in particular. He had not received a visitor in 9 months not even Jake of course for obvious reasons, Jake would never risk going near prison.

“Who could it be?” he asked himself as he was lead out.

He looked up the visiting tables and his heart skipped seeing Esther seated her face to the table.

“Aunty Esther? “He asked in surprise his eyes wide open. “Oh Jesus! You came, what a surprise” he spoke almost running to hug her.

“I knew it, I knew you were not him the moment I saw that cold face of his” Esther responded as Mike held her in a hug.

“What? You know who I am?” Mike asked stepping back to look at her face.

“Of course you are Mike, your brother would never be this excited to see me.” She laughed looking at him from head to toe analyzing the uniform he had on.

“Tell me what the hell is going on Mike? When did you get in here and why is your brother using your name out there?” she asked one question after the other.

Mike looked at her worried face and sighed feeling tears building up in his eyes.

“It’s a long story aunty Esther.” He shook his head now shedding tears.

“Calm down my son and tell me everything from the beginning. I came back last year when my daughter moved back to Zambia and I met your brother with a pregnant woman…” she went on telling him what she had encountered with Jake. “So now I want to know the whole truth my son, tell me” she leaned forward to close up the gap between them

Mike started explaining how it all started and how Jake switched him. Esther was wordless by the time Mike finished his story. She wiped a tear that was threatening to spill off her eyes and looked at the poor Mike who looked pale and thinner that his usual self.

“am so sorry you are going through this Mike, it’s hard enough to know your own blood brother has put you in such state and he is enjoying life taking over your house, your work, your wife, he has basically taken your life and made it his while you are here … oh God he is a devil” she whined sadly.

“You have to help me aunty. I have to get back to my life. My family is in danger with Jake, I have no idea what he is doing there and how my child is. The cops will not believe my story.” Mike panicked holding Esther`s hands.

“I know, he moves around with your wife, she probably doesn’t know it’s not you and the last time I mentioned twins she looked lost. About the police though, we need to be careful telling them. We have to find a way that will not put your family in danger. “

“Yeah my faulty too aunty, the thing is that I never told her that I have a twin brother, for some reason I felt embarrassed with what Jake did and I never wanted to bring him up. The time I was to tell her it was too late and now she is going through whatever because I was never honest with her. It will break her when the truth comes out and I have no idea how to mend that “Mike cried

“I know how hard this is on you but you cannot afford to think about all that now, if your wife loves you she will understand and probably forgive you. But that will not be easy, you two have both cheated her and have slept with her. She will not take that lightly.

Another thing, I met her yesterday the more reason I thought of coming here first to confirm my suspicions before having to meet with her. I need to find a way of telling her the truth now that you say she never knew about Jake, it will not be easy at all. For her you are still there with her” Esther went on telling him as he looked on

“Here is what we are to do,” Mike sighed looking at her.

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Back at home, Jake woke up early and as he had promised went to see Mwanida. He had a hard time the previous day explaining a lie of why he did not want to get the issue of his kidnapping to the police. Stating he was afraid the man and his friends would haunt them.

“ I don’t want any trouble with those people my love, am safe now and that’s what is important right?” he smile at her as she and her sister watched him. He had told them how he escaped but hid the fact that he murdered the man who had him kidnapped before his friends would escape.

“ it doesn’t make any sense Mike, if you say they would come on to your family, that’s the more reason to inform the authorities so that they find a way of catching them” Jane argued

“ I said it’s over and I will not involve them so forget it “ he yelled at her before he could realise it.

“Am sorry love I have had a rough night and day, can I get to the bathroom now?” he looked at Isabel

“Yeah sure love, let’s go I will help you” she responded giving her sister a shut up look.

He slowly opened the door to Mwanida`s room blushing the thoughts aside.

“Finally you showed up here” she looked at him standing up straight displaying her nude body she had deliberately left herself that way.

“Cover up am not here to have sex with you Mwanida” Jake spoke in his cold voice she stepped back seeing he seemed different.

“What do you want Mwanida. I have paid you as per agreement and if I had wanted, you would be out of this house. You have no one to run to knowing your family abandoned you after you went to prison. Don’t forget the wardress picked you when you were released and gave you this job, so stop messing around and do as we agreed upon, be my ears and eyes in this house or else I will act “ he warned seriously.

“Are you threatening me right now Jake, if not for me to tell you all about your brother and his life here you would have not made it this far. Like it or not am stuck with you and its high time you treated me with respect” she chuckled proudly

“Do not taste my patience Mwanida. I am not your equal, I will not accept to be dictated by you. What is all this anyway? Why are you acting like a jealous wife? It’s not like we agreed to anything more than you being the watch woman in this house “he frowned angrily.

“ I will not take lightly a man sleeping with me and later treat me like trash Jake, I want you to myself or you too loose everything” she made a face and before she knew it, Jake rushed out on her gripping her neck in his hand as he shoved her to the wall.

“Do not threaten me woman, you have no idea what am capable of. I am not going to let you ruin my life now, this in here is all mine and that woman sleeping in the other room with her child belong to me. She will never know the truth about me or you either. Be careful what you do from now on for I will not hesitate to take you down like I did that wardress” he gnarled

“What? You killed her? I though you said she went away on transfer” Mwanida grasped trying to get herself loose as he increased the grip on her neck.

“Yeah, now you know and so be careful what you do you pathetic maid” he whispered in her ears and tossed her down the floor she cried as she inhaled heavily.

“You wont to get away with this Jake, you made me some promises and now you acting up on me just because you think you are in love, well I got news for you. You can be anything but your brother, he is a good gentle man not a crazy b****** with tantrums like a teenager. Soon enough Isabel will discover the truth one way or the other. I cannot wait to see your arrogant face when the woman you have come to love leave you and goes back to her husband” she spoke back at him raising her hands to her face seeing how he raised his hand to slap her,

“You will not dare lay your filthy hand on me or I will scream “she threatened standing up.

“You are warned Mwanida, stay away from me and becareful what you wish for” he snarled and walked out furious.

Twins continues…