Twine Episode 53


I moaned and wiped at whatever was trickling down my face with my hand. My head felt so heavy, even opening my eyelids was streneous. I could hear distant voices, the sound of a little girl crying.The room was spinning around, my brain struggled to make sense of the fuzzy images. Two men in black polos were in the room holding a gun. It was pointed at Richie. I raised my sticky wet hand to my face, it was red with my blood.
” Don’t do anything stupid. Slowly put your gun on the ground and put your hands up where we can see it.” One of them said.
” Don’t even try to act smart because we have the house surrounded.’ His partner said.” Drop your gun on the floor”.
Richie dropped his gun to the ground obediently like a child, putting both of his hands up. One of the men handcuffed him and the other picked up his gun. Richie looked so docile and vulnerable as the two men led him out of the room. Tosin’ s mother ran to me, helping me up. Kelly flung herself into the arms of her great_grandma.
” Tomi are you alright? You had me so worried” She cried out, helping me to the couch.” Can you hear me?”
” What happened? ” i moaned out. ” Who are those men?”
” I don’t know. I was surprised too when they kicked the door open, gun in hand” Tosin’ s mother replied.
The door opened again, two uniformed women came inside.
” Is everybody alright?” One of them asked.” Is anyone hurt?”
” Where were you all when that mad boy entered?” Great_granny complained.
” We are sorry for the delay in getting here ma’am ” Is anyone hurt? ” the younger uniformed woman asked.
” Yes. She’ s hurt” Tosin’ s mother replied her “Tomi get up,i will take you to the hospital”
” No. I am fine” I said.” Is everyone else alright? ”
” Yes. Just a bit shaken” She faced the officers” Thank you for coming to our rescue” Tosin’ s mother said.” How….. how did you know we were in danger?”
” Your son had us watching your house. We followed you when you left the house. We lost you for a while before we caught up once again. We suspected foul play when we saw another car closely tailing after yours and we called for back up” one of the women explained.
” Madam isn’t this your missing grand daughter?” The other asked, staring at Kelly.
” Yes.She came home with her great_grandmother. I am sorry for putting you all through stress.Tomi let’ s go.Kelly come along”
” Do you want to leave me all alone here? My maids have gone for their off. Do you want that maniac to come here to kill me in my sleep? ” Deb complained, getting up from the couch” I will stay with you for the mean time until i am assured he won’t be getting out of jail ”
Tosin’ s mother and little Kelly groaned.
We had gone through three bottles of wine, we were already on the fourth bottle and i was getting worried about Theresa. She was already tipsy and gulping down more.
” Theresa i think you should go before Vicky comes back ” I said.
She refilled her wine glass. ” I will leave soon. Let’s celebrate! ” She slurred out the words, belching loudly.
The door was pushed open and Chief Johnson Adediwura walked in, a furious expression on his face.
” Maggie! You tried to kill my son!” He shouted.
“Johnson please leave my house” I said in anger, i have nothing to say to you but if i were you i would be very careful”
” I know Joe took the bullet meant for my son. I will expose you this time around” He threatened. ” I told you i will settle you and your daughter, that you won’t lack for anything. I can’t write her in my will because it will raise brows but you are just too greedy and self centered to see the wisdom in my word. Do you know how broken she would be if she finds out that her whole life has been a lie? do you know how displaced she would be? She doesn’t belong to Nwosu neither will the Adediwuras accept her!”
” Don’t talk to her like that! It was all your fault! You manipulated and took advantage of her innocence. She was only a child herself……just seventeen years old! you Lied to her! got her pregnant and abandoned her to her fate!” Onyinye said, jumping to her feet.
” I paid her off! I gave her five million naira to start up something for herself.I promised to take care of her and the baby. She foolishly told Jennifer who threatened to tell my wife if i so much as lift a finger to help her. Jenny said she would care for the child herself.” He explained. ” Maggie be warned. I know you are Joe’ s murder and i also know his death was a mistake. Stay away from my family……..if not i will expose you to the whole world”
” Johnson, i trusted you, i loved you. I believed you when you said you loved me. Yes, you promised to care for me if i take the five million naira and leave. I thought Jenny was my friend, i thought she would understand. But she forcefully took my child away from me, i came to you on my knees. I cried, i begged you to plead with Jenny to return her to me and that i would take my child, my little sister and leave forever. You chased me away! you kicked me out like a dog and you said since Jenny has claimed the child you were no longer responsible for me. I had to disappear to hide the fact that i was pregnant, once the baby came, you and Jenny came to see me and you both whisked her away”. I said. ” You, your sons and your wife deserves to die. I won’t rest until i see you all six feet under”
He laughed.” Young woman, you have bitten the wrong finger. I will make you spit blood. How could you, an uneducated riff raff want to raise my child! i told Jenny to take her away from you. You think Joe wasn’t aware of it? he was my friend! he also thought you were too young and too unstable to take care of her!” He spat out.” We were all in on it because we fight for our own and we take care of ours.”
Onyinye pulled out a gun from her bag which was on the sofa, she pointed it at him.
” Theresa please put it away. Let the fool live today but he will surely pay for his crimes” I said, afraid she would hurt herself instead.
” Mom, how could you let him get away with all he did to you! I remembered how you used to cry yourself to sleep each night. I remembered how you called out his name while groaning in pain with fever. He doesn’t care about you! he has never loved you! We were living from hand to mouth while you were too sick and pregnant. Jenny seized your money, her husband gave you a check and she forcefully took that also from you. They all took you for a ride! my blood boils with all the wrongs they have done to you”. My loyal sister said.
‘ Is Maggie as innocent as you claim? What do you know? She’s greedy and self centered. She wanted to reap where she didn’t sow. She murdered Jennifer Nwosu. She slowly poisoned her even before she took the baby from her. You murdered her! ” He said, ” You better put away that gun little girl before you hurt your little finger”
” She deserved it! She deserved what she got! She made me lose my first pregnancy! She tried to cut me off as soon as she found out that i slept with her friend’ s husband. She felt i was beneath her station! she thought i wasn’t in her class and i had no one to fight my battles she could thread upon me. I hated her! I loathed her stupid face and pretentious smile and when she turned against me i knew i had to get her out of my way.” I shouted, glad to let it all out in the open.
” Mom let’s do away with him now” Onyinye said,” he knows too much”
” No Theresa. It will get messy” I replied, ” Please put the gun away”
Onyinye advanced on him.” I won’t let you hurt my mom again. I won’t ” She waved the gun at him, staggering a bit, swinging it.
Johnson grabbed the gun from her, she held it with both hands struggling with him.
” Theresa no! Let it go for now please!”i shouted.” I think you have had too much wine, now isn’t the time. Johnson stop it! Let go! Let go of the gun!”
They were both struggling with it while i pleaded with them to put an end to the foolishness. The gun went off and the deafening sound of it rocked me to my core. Johnson’ s eyes widened in shock and i Let out a piercing scream. The gun dropped to the ground and the smell of blood filled my nostril.
” Oh my God!” I screamed.” My God!”
Onyinye staggered backwards, i grabbed her and she fell into my arms. The bullet had gone through her stomach. Her blouse was soaked with her blood, her mouth hung open, her eyes were widened in shock. We both fell against the sofa, she still in my arms.
” Call for an ambulance ” I screamed, ” Theresa, Theresa please! Please answer me” tears filled my eyes, spilling onto my cheeks. ” Theresa Onyinye please ”
Johnson squatted, took hold of her limp hand, checking her pulse.
” She’s dead” He said, standing up ” You brought this upon yourself” he walked out without a backward glance.
” Onyinye, Onyinye ” I pressed my face into her chest crying.” Please don’t leave me”
To be continued..