Twine Episode 54


I stood up, propping Onyinye’ s body against the sofa. I ran up the stairs to pick up my phone. I knew there would be so many questions which i won’t be able to answer so the best thing to do was to call the police and inform them of how Johnson shot and killed my sister.I thought of the possible ways to rope him in, i ran back downstairs. My leg kicked the gun on the floor and i jumped back in fright. I picked up the gun, realized my error and placed it on the ground again. Maybe the best thing to do was to take my sister’ s corpse, get the documents to the house and fled. I stood, holding my head with my blood soaked hands, uncertain what to do. The door opened and i jumped back, Johnson came in with two uniformed men. The b—–d had set me up. I screamed, pointing to him.
” Officers! this man killed my…….”
” Madam you are under arrest. Anything you do or say here can be used against you”
I picked up the gun pointing it at them.
” Don’t even come a step closer! else i will blow off your brains!’ I shouted. ” He set me up! he shot her!”
Linda, Victoria, Kelvin, Dantata and Tosin walked in. They paused in shock, the ladies shrieked.
” What is going on here? ” Linda demanded.
” Madam drop the gun and turn yourself in” one of the officers said.
” I won’t! Johnson Adediwura set me up!”
” What’s going on dad?” Kelvin asked.
” What are you waiting for? Arrest this woman!” Chief shouted.
” Onyinye was my little sister, i loved her! She was the only family i had and you took her away from me!” I shouted, drawing gasps from the others.
” Auntie Maggie, Onyinye was your sister?” Victoria asked in shock. ” How? you never acted like you knew her or you were even related”
” What did i tell you guys? I knew she had skeletons in her cupboard ” Linda said, ” I am sure you planted her in my life. What i dont understand is what you stand to gain! we all loved you and accepted you as our blood ”
” Johnson shot and killed Onyinye! He set me up!” I shouted again, ” Victoria i am sorry i kept a lot of things from you. It was this b.astard who ruined my life! It was this same ba.stard who deceived me and got me pregnant!. He connived with Jennifer Nwosu and they took my child away from me”
“Shut up you liar! Murderer! She murdered Jennifer Nwosu and she also confessed to it. I recorded our little talk earlier” He said, bringing out a recorder from his pocket.” I promised you that i would bring you down. I don’t make an idle threat”
He threw it at the uniformed men, one of them caught it mid air.
” Where is that child now? ” Kelvin asked, ” I believe you”
” That’s her over there! Vicky i am sorry. Please forgive me for not telling you earlier. I am your mother and your father is Adediwura Johnson”
” What?” Victoria asked, ” What?……….” She trailed off as she dropped to the ground unconscious.
The others rushed to her, Tosin picked her up in his arms while the others fretted over her. I knew that was it for me, if i was going down then i would pull Johnson along with me. I used that little moment of distraction, to rooster the gun and aimed a shot at him. The sound jolted everyone and he dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes. I dropped the gun, my hands raised up in surrender.
” Victoria” I cried, ” Is she alright? ”
The officers roughly pulled my hands behind me, placing a cuff round my wrists. Kelvin and Tosin were beside him checking his pulse. Tosin was calling for an ambulance while Linda was shaking Victoria. The men led me out, my head was held up high with no regrets.Linda ran after me, shouting why Auntie? I ignored her and got into the police van.
To be continued..