Twine Episode 5


A devil named Linda
* Tomi*
I cried all day, my throat became sore, my eyes were red and puffy. I filled the bathtub with my tears, i didn’t even know what names to call Linda any more, she was a manipulating, evil and conniving b.itch. How and where she had met or known Richie was beyond me. Will i tell my mom I lost yet another relationship? the poor woman want to tell people to come buy her own daughter’ s aso ebi too. She was always asking after ” him” and her calls always end with ” When are we meeting him?”
I remembered to cuss that guy too! why didn’t he go home when i asked him to? he made Richie believe i was cheating on him! I sat so long in the tub, i was begining to feel cold. If Richie truly loves me why didn’t he run after me when i caught them? why didn’t he run after me when i left his parent’ s house? he didnt even call to check up on me!
” Nobody want me, who will anyway?” i said to myself. I don’t even know what colors to match, I can’t even get my hair to listen to me!”
How long has Richie been cheating on me with Linda? Oh Linda? how do i stay in the same office with someone so evil?…..i was only her assistance but i do most of the work and she takes credit for it! where will i get another job that will pay me as much as they pay me? Richie didn’t even run after me like they do in those Mexican Operas and he hasn’t even called yet!
I buried my head between my thighs and wept. Why Linda? She could have gotten any man of her choice with just a snap of her fingers but she choose my own man! How do i even begin to look for another job? i was the one paying my mom’ s hospital bills because my dad was living on pension. I wanted to talk to someone, I can’t even call my mom because she will be heartbroken …….i have just lost her future son in_ law.
Joseph Residence
” None of you complimented the food, is it not good?” Maggie joked.
” Oh Auntie, the meal is delicious! and you are the best cook in the world” Victoria said.
Mr Joseph laughed heartily. ” Don’t mind your aunt, she’s always fishing for compliments. Anyway i love the meal, i like how you cooked the fish and the sauce is fantastic ”
Maggie beamed like a little girl. She scooped some sauce into Victoria’ s plate, she patted the hand of the young girl lovingly. Vicky was always her favorite, she felt guilty at her thought. It wasn’t Linda’ s fault that she was the way she is. Linda had always been a difficult child and she has become a very bitter person. The girls mother, bless her heart, had taken Maggie under her wing when she was a young girl. Their mother was such a kind hearted woman but she had a heart condition which led to her untimely death.
Maggie felt the only way to repay her kindness was to take care of the little girls she left behind. She had tried her best to raise up the girls properly but somehow she had failed with Linda.
” Are you alright Maggie? you look so gloomy ” Mr Joseph asked with concern.
” Goodness me! I was only reminiscing over the past”
” No wonder you look so sad. I will have that exact look on my face if i led a wasted life. Especially if i lived my life playing second fiddle to a dead woman” Linda smirked at her aunt.
” Linda! What is wrong with you?! ” her father admonished.
” How could you say that? ” Victoria said. ” Don’t mind her auntie ”
” Apologize to your aunt”
Maggie laughed uneasily to ease the tension in the air. She had slaved hard in the kitchen to make a grand dinner and it was all going wrong.
” Raising you two is the best thing to ever happen to me and I will do it all over again without a second thought. That to me is a fulfilled life, raising two beautiful and intelligent women”
‘” That is so lovely auntie Maggie. I love you ” Victoria crooned.
” I love you too sweetie. Linda, you want more sauce?”
” No thank you ” she said in a clipped tone.
” I still haven’t heard you apologize to your aunt” her father said.
” Why should i apologize to her dad? and who the hell is she?”
Victoria gasped. Linda scraped back her chair and stood up.
” This is my house and the food you were eating seconds ago was bought with my money! While you are under my roof you will respect me and your elders!”
” She is just an over paid nanny! Isn’t it time she move on?” She threw her fork on the table and walked out of the dining.
” Linda! Linda!” Maggie got up.
” Let her go. Her days in my house are numbered”
They went on with dinner like nothing happened but the tension and unspoken emotions hovered in the air. Alone in her room, Linda paced up and down. She dialed a number on her phone and waited.
” Hello. How far?” A deep male voice said.
” I have a job for you.”
” Details”
” I want you to hold someone hostage for twenty four hours”
” Details and consider it done”
She smiled as she gave him the details of the job she had for him.
To be continued..
Will you still work for a boss that slept with your lover?