Twine Episode 4


‘’ Are you alright?’’ he asked me.
’’ Please you may take your leave now”
He went into the bathroom; I could hear the sound of water as he splashed some on his face.
“I am sorry for what happened earlier”
“It’s okay. Please just go”
“Do remember to take your drugs and stay away from cold”
I nodded my head. He was almost out of the door when I whispered a “Thank you” but he didn’t even glance back. I dragged my feet into the kitchen; I swept the broken glasses into the waste basket. It took me some hours to clean up the mess, afterwards I made myself a chicken sandwich and got ready for the task at hand.
“Richie! Richie!”
His car was parked in the yard so I was certain he was inside the house. I tried the door knob and it opened. There were empty cans of beer on the vinyl floor, I squatted, gingerly picking up one of the cans, it was so unlike him. He was a neat freak, he knew where every item in his house was, he could close his eyes and point to each of them and he would be right too. I sneezed hard and dropped the can.
‘Harder! Harder! Give it to me hard!’ a feminine voice cried out
I took a step forward and paused. Was he watching p–n? How could he be watching p–n in the middle of the day when he ought to be at work! Anyway he could afford to laze about since he worked for his dad and as the only son he enjoyed unlimited privileges.
‘Oh boy! F*uck me harder!’
I pushed open the door and gasped in shock. My boyfriend was balls deep in her puvssy, she was blindfolded while her bottom was raised up, whilst he was behind her, giving it to her in the d—-e way! Something he has never tried with me! I ran out of the apartment banging the door loudly. I seem to be running too much these days, I was blinded with tears, I didn’t see the puddle of muddy water outside his compound. I ran into it, felt my legs slowly give way under me and I landed hard on my rump in the muddy water. A crazy driver chooses that very moment to speed by and I was drenched from head to toe in sticky stinking muddy water.
“Was that the little girl you have been f*ucking?’’ Linda asked him, pulling down the blindfold.
“Shut up!” he smacked her hard on the a$$.
She pushed him away, eyeing him. She had met him some days ago at a cocktail party, her aunt Maggie had introduced them but she couldn’t help fantasizing about a certain part of his anatomy. The guy was just so tall and handsome with the right body too. Just the way she liked it. She had pulled him towards the bar thinking it would accelerate things faster but to her surprise he declined, her subtle flirting and sexual innuendoes were lost on him! She had taken matters into her own hand right then. She blatantly told him she wanted him to suck her and do her but he laughed it off as a joke! She had to look at his right hand again to be sure she hadn’t missed the ring, perhaps a jealous wife or girlfriend lurked around the corner.
“Is your wife hiding somewhere here” she couldn’t believe a guy born of a woman actually turned her down. He walked away from her and joined a group of guys chatting about football.
She heard a girly laughter and turned around. She glared at her best friend.
“He turned you down right?” Oyinye laughed. “You won’t be the first anyway”
She pouted. “You know him?’’
“Yea. His name is Richmond; we went to the same school in the UK”
“He turned me down! Can you imagine that? No man has ever said no to me before!”
“Well there’s always a first time.” She lifted Linda’s glass to her lips. “I could help you get him but it will cost you. Hundred thousand”
“What? Seriously? I knew you were a gold digging albino bi.tch right from the first day I met you!”
She laughed mirthlessly. “Talk won’t land you that hot d.ick your p—y need so which will it be?”
Linda considered it briefly; Oyinye was someone who had a way of getting information. She was like her own personal PI, the girl was just too anxious to belong to the circle of the rich and she was too greedy. But she was a worthy friend to have in case of emergencies like this.
“Cool. When do I get the cash?”
“When you deliver him to me”
She watched Oyinye cat walk away from her, she watched keenly as she approached a big bobbed ugly Nicki minaj wannabe. They chatted briefly before Oyinye brought out her Iphone and typed something into it. She walked back to where her friend was.
“I have his number right here but you have to pay me first!”
‘’ I don’t have any cash on me now but I will pay you. Who was that fake doll?”
‘’ Alicia, she is some sort of cousin to him but believe me she’s got the hots for him”
Linda sighed. “Who Wouldn’t?”
She had left him several messages on whatapp but he never replied her, she was a determined lady, she persisted, until till this morning when he gave her a call! She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw his in_coming call.
“Are you alright?” he asked.
´’ I should be asking you” she quipped.
Her phone rang out; she got out of the bed, picked up her jean on the floor and answered the call.
“Linda, the investors want to meet with you in Abuja tomorrow”
“Why are you just telling me now? My stupid assistant is yet to send me the proposal and other documents I asked her to draft. I should just fire her a$$.”
“The meeting is at 12 noon. I want Victoria to be present as well!”
“I don’t want her slutty a$$ there!”
“Don’t talk about your sister like that! It is my company and I decide who will or will not be present at that meeting”
She disconnected the call and hissed.” Foolish man! Sister, my foot!”
To be continued ..