Twine Episode 30


I walked out of the only home i knew for twenty five years. How could my own brother betray me? how could a father turn against his own son? i wandered the streets like a mad man with no direction in mind. A part of my heart had died that night. I walked meaninglessly for a long while and i found myself in front of the Adediwura household. How my feet had taken that path, i couldn’t say. I pressed the doorbell and the gate was opened by Musa, the gate man. Maybe he perceived the mood i was in, he closed the gate without a word and i went into the house.
” Whats up Man. What happened?” Kelvin asked on sighting me.
” I need a hot bath” was the only reply i could come up with.
He led me to the guest room and i took a hot bath. He lend me a jean and polo, a steamy hot meal was waiting for me on the dinning table. He watched me eat in silent without any asking any question.
” Where are your folks?” I asked just to break the silence in the room.
” My parents went to visit my siblings in the UK” he replied.
I nodded.
” Can i go out with your car for some couple of hours?” I asked, pushing back my half eaten meal.
” Sure ” he said. He picked up the key from the sofa and threw it at me.
” Thanks” i said, catching it mid air.
I drove to the hospital my mother was admitted. I was glad to be informed that she was responding to treatment and the doctor assured me that she should be discharged in few days time.
” Tosin” she whispered. ” Thank you for coming son”
” How are you feeling now?”
” I feel better”
” You will be fine Mom ”
” How is your brother, Sola? ”
I clenched my jaw in anger. ” Have you eaten Mom?”
” Yes my dear”
” You should rest now ”
” Thank you ” she whispered again.
I stayed with her until evening and i went back. Kelvin was watching Wrestling when i walked in. I sat down on one of the settee.
” Want to talk about it?” He asked kindly.
” No”
” Today is Friday, i say we hit the club.” He said. ” Rock some big booty girls”
” Sound good” i replied half heartedly.
We ate dinner and by 10.30pm we headed off to a club in the hood. We entered the smoky lit up place. Girls were grinding on the dance floor, a waitress winked seductively at us as she walked by. We walked into the VIP section, Kelvin’ s eyes were on the girls dancing.
” Tos this is the right place to be! check out that girl!” He exclaimed pointing at one of the girls. He signalled to the bar girl, he ordered some ciroc and henessy.
I ignored him and sat down. The pretty ebony skinned bar girl brought our drinks with ice. I watched kelvin pick up some cubes of ice which he dropped into the front of her top.she giggled before playfully hitting his hand away.
” Hey see who just walked in” Kelvin said. ” Your bro”
I looked up and my eyes met his dark mocking eyes. He had some group of boys behind him. He started in our direction and stopped in front of us.
” What’s up” Kelvin stretched his hands out but dropped it when he realized the atmosphere was suddenly tensed.
” I see your friend was kind enough to lend you some old cloth” Sola mocked. ” How does it feel crashing down to the bottom of the pit?” He jeered.
” What’s going on?” Kelvin asked glancing from me to my brother. ” Sola knock it off”
” Shut up daddy’ s pet.”
Kelvin signalled to the bar girl. He handed her the bills and turned to me.
” Tos let’s get out of here”
I stood up and we brushed past Sola and his gang. We walked to the car park in silence.
” Running away?” Sola called after us. ” Tosin you want to know what i was doing earlier today?” He shouted. ” I was f—–g your girl!”
My steps faltered and i felt my hands knot into a tight fist.
” Ignore him” Kelvin said, unlocking the car.
Three of the boys with sola was standing in front of the car.
” You want to see some evidence?”
Sola was standing in front of me now. He brought out his phone, swiped the screen with his thumb. He flashed the gory picture of my Unclad girlfriend before my eyes. He swiped it again. There was another one of her on her knees, blowing him. I knocked the phone off his hand, it fell to the ground with a loud thud. Kelvin walked around to the other side of his car.
” Its enough! Sola whatever it is we should settle it amicably. But no matter what might have gone wrong you shouldn’t have messed with your bro’ s girl”
” Boy go grow some balls first before you talk to me” He taunted.” Still licking your father’ s a$$?”
Kelvin shoved him so hard he fell like a piece of paper to the ground. The boys drew closer to us menacingly. One of them threw a log of wood at Kelvin’ s head. He ducked right in time and it smashed through one of the glasses of his car. A guy was busy f—–g his girl or s–t in the darkest part of the car lot not minding the ruckus going on.
” Deal with them boys! I want to hear the sound of bones breaking! ” Sola commanded.
The next few minutes was bloody. Hands connected with jaws, tooths flew in every direction. The Tae_kwan_do lessons we were forced to attend as a child really came in handy. Before the bouncers could reach us three of the boys was on the ground, their noses and mouths bloodied. Kelvin and i sustained some bruises and earned ourselves black eyes but nothing major was broken. Their commander, Sola had long since fled when it became obvious that his boys were losing.
To be continued..