Twine Episode 29


I just got off the phone with my parents. Mom was telling me about an upcoming wedding in their church while dad grumbled about me not coming to see them often. Someone knocked on the door. I said a hurried good bye to them and hung up. I unlocked the door and Kelvin pulled me into his muscled arms claiming my lips in a hot searing kiss. We kissed for a long while, he pulled me closer to himself, shutting the door with his other hand. I could have stopped him but i needed to be one with him as much as he needed me too. Our clothes went in several directions, somehow we landed on my bed.
He knew where to stroke to drive me wild. Our love making was so intense and magical. I felt like a puddle of warm water. Something i had never felt before, we laid beside each other on the damp bed. Our heart beat was a rhythmic tune to our ears. We were both sated, but an invisible fear hovered over our heads.
” What happened kelvin?”
” My father want me to marry Linda and Linda’ s life is also in danger”
i stiffened beside him. ” Who want to harm her?”
” Its a long story honey. One so complicated. My father has also barred me from stepping foot into the company i slaved for!” he panted. ” A company which i worked hard to make an international brand”
I reached for his head pulling it against my b—m. ” What will you do now?”
” I will fight him! I won’t accept it! he’s doing all this because i refused to bend to his whims “.
” He is your father Kelvin. What did your mom say?”
” She’s on his side of course.”
” You should listen to your father. Linda isn’t entirely a wicked person, she has her own good sides too. ”
He pulled his head away from my chest. ” You are advising me to marry her? have you no feelings for me at all?” he asked in bewilderment. ” Tomi I just made love to you! you should at least be a little jealous! ”
” S-x. It was just s-x” i said in a cool voice. ” Nothing special ”
How could i let him throw something he had worked so hard for away?
He pulled on his trouser. ” I thought i was more than a d–k to ride on to you. What was i even thinking? you are all bloody the same!” he spat out.
” Please close the door on your way out”.
He sauntered out without a word. I wanted to shout out his name, i wanted to tell him it was for his own good and mine too. I wanted to run after him and drag him back to the bed, beside me, where he belonged. But in the end i buried my face into my pillow crying my heart out.
To be continued..