Twine Episode 3


A knock sounded on the door. Kelvin walked to the door twisting his neck left and right. He had spent the night on a hard couch with some invisible thing digging into his ribcage. He tried to find the cause of his discomfort but he soon gave up the futile search. Hours later his hand absently touched a hair pin, he reached his hand into the side of the couch and it came out with a hair clip, knitting pin and a tube of toothpaste.
” Who are you?” The handsome dark skinned guy asked. He charged into the room without waiting for an answer. ” Tomi! is this what you have been doing behind my back? “!
” Hey calm down man! Its not what you think? ”
Richie drew nearer to him, daring him.” Then tell me what the hell it is!”. His eyes landed on Tomi’ s skirt and blouse on the other couch, before he could control himself he had connected his fist with Kelvin’s jaw.
” What the hell?!”
Kelvin staggered as a result of the unexpected punch. He moved back and returned it on his opponent’ s nose. Richie slammed into him with his upper body and they both came crashing on the hard floor. They knocked over the glass center table and it took a hard fall. It broke into two, shard of glasses flew in every direction. The nose woke up Tomi, she pulled the duvet round her form and walked into the living room. She couldn’t believe her eyes, two hunks were wrestling on the floor of her living room.
Worst of all her center table which she had bargained hard for in a garage sale was broken! Now where will she get another glass center table so cheap! the sad part is the garage sale holds once a year!
” My table! You broke it!” She cried.
Kelvin pushed Richie off him, the later staggered to his feet wiping the blood streaming out of his nose with the back of his palm.
” Is that all you have to say?! After all the banging i gave you only days ago you have gone looking for another c.ock!” He spat out.
” Richie! There’s…..blood coming down your nose…. let me clean it for you ” she tried to touch him but he pushed her away.
” You! what are you still doing here?!” She shouted at Kelvin.” I thought i told you to leave last night! ”
” Yea after he f* ucked you! God! No wonder my friends wont even touch a Nigerian girl with a ten foot pole! ”
” No, no. It is not what you think! Hey say something!” She poked her finger into Kelvin’ s chest.
” Go on! tell me some lies!” Richie jeered.
Tomi forgot she was clutching the duvet with her left hand, she tried to reach for her boyfriend with both hands and the duvet pooled around her feet. She was stark na.ked. she quickly pulled it up, there was a big Bloch of whitish stuff on the edge of it. The four male eyes settled on that whitish spot.
” Hell! Its not what you think dude! I don’t even know her….I gave her a ride but on getting here she slumped and i only stayed back to make sure she was alright.”
Richie’ s eyes stayed glued to the spot.
“That is yoghurt stain… dropped on it while i was eating it in bed”
” If i believe that then i can believe pigs could actually fly! You are stark Na.ked under that duvet and his c-m is on it! Save the sorry a$$ excuses!” He said in a voice filled with pain.
He stormed out of the room while Kelvin dropped to the couch moaning about his head. Tomi dropped to the floor despite the pieces of broken glass on it. Knife or gun? which will kill this intruder faster she thought?
To be continued ..